Strategies Of Vehicle Engagements

2 Days

“Capability breads humility.”

Strategies Of Vehicle Engagements

Tuition: $350

This course is Missouri P.O.S.T. approved

Upon completion of this intensive 2-day, 20+ hour course, participants will have a deeper understanding and additional skills to prevail during vehicle stops that escalate to potentially deadly force engagements. This instruction will assist officers and departments in meeting a critical training need of increasing officer safety and decreasing department liability.

This is not a car-stops course. This is an intermediate and advanced level course that will explore the realities of engagements during vehicle stops, vehicle checks and vehicle assaults as well as strategies to prevail during these engagements.

This course will expose the participants to unpredictable and rapidly escalating responses during vehicle engagements. Students will be mentally and physically challenged to solve problems using an adaptive learning-based philosophy. Each participant will learn tried and true real-world principles and techniques. Video review and force-on-force training methodologies will be used.

After completing the course, participants receive a certificate of completion and product discounts.

This 2-Day, 20+ hour course covers:
• Strategies of Vehicle Engagements Lecture
• Extensive Solo and Pair Drilling
• Proper Set-Up of Vehicles During Stops and Checks
• Utilization of the Engine Block and Tires/ Wheels for cover
• Understanding the true ballistic properties of a vehicle
• Utilizing a vehicle as a barricade
• Utilizing light applications to your advantage
• Suspect extractions and takedowns
• Effective performance under duress

Equipment Required:
• Choice of BDU’s/Overalls/Flight Suit/Old Uniforms
• Duty Rig • Blue or Red Gun (if available)
• Handheld Illumination Tool
• Chest Protection for Women (vest)
• Groin Protection
• Gloves
• Knee Pads