School Resource Officer (SRO) And Small Agency Response To The Active Shooter

3 Days

“The true first responders are the ones already on the scene.”

School Resource Officer (SRO) and Small Agency Response To The Active Shooter

Description This operator level course assists school resource officers, school liaison officers, college campus patrol officers and patrol officers from small agencies that could be faced with the initial response to an active shooter. Areas of concern include highly populated buildings such as schools, businesses and day care centers.

While a multiple officer response is preferred, the nature and timing of active shooting incidents may require a single officer or pair of officers to initiate the response. Participants will learn skills to respond rapidly to locate, isolate and/or neutralize the threat.

We will review well-publicized and recent active shooter tragedies and engage in reality-based scenarios. This course includes extensive force on-force drilling. We use actors and projectile training weapons in order to make the training as realistic as possible. Repeated drilling increases the proficiency level of participants so they can more effectively understand and deploy these proven concepts and protocols.

• Lessons Learned From Prior Incidents: History, Demographics, and Profiles
• “Hunter vs. Victim” and “Prevailing vs. Survival” Mindset
• Extensive Interior Drilling – Solo and Pair
• Proper Stationary and Moving Shooting Platforms
• Bilateral Weapon Management
• Live Fire Range Drills – Solo and Pair
• Low Light Equipment Considerations • Building and Room Clearing Techniques – Solo and Pair
• Protocols and Techniques for Responding to Active Shooter Incidents • Effectively Functioning Under Duress • Breath Control
• TC³ – Tactical Combat Casualty Care (Medical First Response)
• Care Under Fire, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Casualty Evacuation and Triage
• Hemorrhage Control and Airway Management
• Trauma Kit Recommendations for the First Responder

Equipment Required:
• Choice of BDU’s / sweats / overalls / flight suit
• Flashlight used on duty
• Duty gear and pistol with 500 rounds of ammunition and a minimum of 3 extra magazines
• Ball cap or hat with brim
• Eye, ear, groin, and neck protection, gloves
• Chest protection for women
• Knee pads
• Hydration