Protecting At-Risk Personnel

    5 Days

    “Capability breads humility.”

    Protecting At-Risk Personnel

    The threat of violence is forcing private and public organizations to upgrade security.

    This course provides the knowledge to assess risk potential and build a plan to provide the appropriate level of security.

    Topics include providing protection services at a facility, moving between facilities while traveling and security at a hotel or home. Training includes drills focusing on time-compressed decisions during force-on-force engagements. Drills are followed with video reviews.

    Who Should Attend?
    • Police officers responsible for providing any type of protection services
    • Tactical team members that may be required to provide high- or low-profile security
    • Plainclothes officers involved in assessment, investigation and assistance with threats to facilities as well as personnel
    • Private security officers responsible for providing security for principals in the workplace

    Topics Covered:
    • Advance work and the importance of a proper advance review
    • Threat assessment
    • Recognizing traits of suspicious behavior
    • Recognizing traits of armed individuals
    • O.O.D.A. Cycle
    • A Prevailing mindset
    • Awareness priority matrix
    • Selection of detail personnel
    • The protection detail and assignments
    • Individual team member responsibilities
    • Levels of protection
    • Foot escort formations
    • Foot escort counter-ambush tactics
    • Platform protection
    • Vehicle escort
    • Vehicle entry and exit
    • Attack countermeasures
    • Site surveys

    Equipment Required:
    • Waist-type holster
    • Comfortable clothing for practical exercises
    • An outer garment to conceal firearm (sport coat, vest, or jacket)
    • Eye, ear, groin, and neck protection, gloves
    • Chest protection for women
    • Hydration