Principles & Applications Of Firearm Deadly Force Engagements

8 Hours

“Capability breeds humility.”

Principles & Applications Of Firearm Deadly Force Engagements

Most firearms related training focuses on engaging a target and determining pass or fail based on hits on target zones. We have seen many times that scores on target do not always equal success in real life encounters. In this 8-hour course, we will activate the sympathetic nervous system utilizing “force-on-force” training. Additionally, break down the actual engagement through repetition and analyze with videotape review and determine what went well and what could have been done differently. We will focus on learning Engagement principles rather than techniques; through these principles the student can increase his/her overall capabilities exponentially in compressed training times. This will be accomplished through a presentation, introduction to proper movement and force on force on a barricade field.

Topics Covered:

Pillars of Fighting:

  1. Maintain proper movement
  2. Maintain proper balance
  3. Maintain proper posture
  4. Maintain relative relaxation or calm
  5. Maintain effective communication
  6. Maintain proper shooting platform (directly related to posture)
  7. Maintain hunter mindset
  8. Understanding the OODA Cycle
  9. Understanding proper use of barricade
  10. Cornering
  11. “Riding the Wave” by recognizing & responding to behavioral recoil
  12. Proper bi-lateral transitioning
  13. Decision making under duress
  14. Cross angling principles
  15. Working as a team
  16. Maintain proper positional relationship to opponent, this is directly tied to timing:
    1. Forestall the attack
    2. Enter the attach
    3. Deflect the attack
    4. Retreat from the attack