Less Lethal Munitions Course for Instructors

4 Days

“Capability breads humility.”

Less Lethal Munitions Course for Instructors

Fee: $895

Sometimes Less is More

Audience: Patrol, Tactical, and Corrections Officers

Less lethal munitions have been available to American law enforcement agencies for over 40 years. With the advent of research-supported training, these specialty rounds have gained a broader acceptance in patrol, tactical, and correctional settings. This instructor level course covers the full family of ALS Technologies munitions, including impact munitions, chemical agents, distraction devices, and stun munitions. This course will prepare the instructor to train end users in the deployment and use of these munitions.

Concepts include:
• History of Less Lethal Rounds
• 12 gauge, 37 mm and 40 mm Launchers
• Recent Technological Advancements
• Research and Trauma
• Range Safety
• Use of Force Reporting Procedures
• Policy and Procedures
• Tactical Deployment Exercises
• Legal Issues
• Direct and Indirect Impact Munitions
• Chemical Agents and Delivery Systems
• Oleoresin Capsicum Projectors
• Diversionary Devices
• Stun Munitions

Our Philosophy:
Our training staff is composed of professional and experienced coaches and we are students ourselves.

We believe in treating everyone respectfully and as adult learners. Our coaches participate in the learning process and we use a building block approach to solidify skills before moving toward more advanced concepts. We believe that “capability breeds humility.”

In other words, by achieving a higher level of skill you will be able to better maintain composure while under duress. Through managing fear the capable operator will operate more confidently, more quickly, and make better decisions in the stressful environment of a true emergency

We do not believe in “check the box” training or lowest common denominator training. Individual assistance is always available.

You should not enroll in our course if you are:
• Not safe and conscientious with weapons
• Not willing to be open-minded
• Not willing receive new information and try new concepts
• Not capable of keeping your ego in check

NOTE: Instructor-level schools are longer than operator courses, and students participate in coaching and training delivery on the range. Make sure you have all of the equipment listed.

In addition to range drills and exercises, the Less Lethal Munitions Instructor course includes complete lesson plans, instructional support materials and PowerPoint lessons to allow the instructor to implement training for their department immediately.

• Duty or Tactical Gear with “blue gun” or inert training pistol
• Body Armor
• 12 gauge shotgun – cylinder bore
• Gas Mask with filter (CS/OC)
• Nomex or Kevlar full fingered gloves
• Wraparound eye and ear protection
• Clean 5-gallon bucket or plastic tote
• Contact lens case and eyeglasses
• Washcloth and towel
• Cap with brim
• Hydration source
• Clothing for all weather conditions
• 37/40 mm launcher if available