K9 Down: Combat Casualty Care For The Working K9

1 Day

“The true first responders are the ones already on the scene.”

K9 Down: Combat Casualty Care For The Working K9

Tuition: $295

This course trains personnel who work with emergency services dogs. This is much more than a first aid course and is facilitated by a tactically-trained veterinarian. We will work through medical emergencies and traumatic incidents that pose life threats for our K9 partners.

K9 officers and handlers, USAR and rescue team members, all EMS responders

Topics include:
• Logistics and Pre-planning
• Contents of a K9 Medical Kit
• How to Safely Restrain a Working Dog
• Risks in Handling an Injured Animal
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
• Hemorrhage Management and Control
• Airway and Respiratory Management
• Thoracic and Gastric Trauma
• Poisoning and Anaphylaxis
• Shock, Dehydration, Environmental Issues
• Injuries to Paw Pads
• Orthopedic Fractures

Equipment required:
• Knee pads for groundwork
• K9 Aid Kit for Review (Optional)

Note: You are not required to bring your working dog with you. If you do bring your dog, you must have the proper vehicle and kennel to accommodate K9. Most of our hands-on skills and physical assessments will be performed on the working dogs that our faculty will bring.