Firearms Instructor (Re-certification)

3 Gun (3 Day)

Capability breeds humility.

Firearms Instructor Recertification 3-Gun (3 Day) 

Tuition $495 Audience Current firearms instructors wishing to recertify and update.

This dynamic and skill-intensive class addresses coaching and training skills for three weapons systems: the pistol, the shotgun, and the patrol rifle including operating in low light. Training will proceed for more than 8 hours on the first two days. This course is intended to update and recertify current in-structors. This is not a substitute for our 50-hour instructor course. Our curriculum is challenging and participants should be in good physical condition. Recertification is valid for three years

Concepts and Skills– Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun
• Safely Planning and Delivering Training
• Fundamentals Review and Diagnostics
• Loading, Unloading, Reloading
• Fighting Platforms
• Failure Drills
• Turning Movements
• Support Side Shooting
• Working in a Gas Mask
• Active Shooter Concepts
• Shooting On The Move
• Multiple Threat Engagements
• Movement and Mobility Exercises
• The Correct Use of Cover
• Threat Discrimination: Shoot/No Shoot
• Dynamics of Low Light Engagements
• Principles of Light
• CQB and Groundfighting
• Partner and Team Tactics
• Our Training Philosophy

NOTE: Candidates for instructor recertification will actively participate in teaching, training, and coaching activities. Each participant must bring with them a prepared lesson that will discuss a law enforcement critical incident. They will use this to make a 5-10 minute presentation to the class and it will be turned in. It is preferred that the presenter has firsthand knowledge of their topic and does not select a nationally recognized incident.


This lesson plan must include:
• A cover sheet and source document listing references 
• Outline of instruction (what will be taught or discussed)
• Some type of AV reinforcement (PowerPoint, video, photos, audio, demonstration)
• Proof of Certification: At registration, participants must present a certificate demonstrating their credentials as a firearms instructor. We will accept previous certificates of training from entities other than Strategos.

Make sure you have all equipment listed and backup firearms are recommended in case of failure or breakage. We cannot guarantee that a loaner firearm will be available.

• 1,000 rounds pistol
• 20 rounds 00 buck
• 250 birdshot
• 1,000 rounds rifle
• 20 rifled slugs

• Duty or Tactical Gear
• Quality Ammunition – no AP
• Body Armor
• Gas Mask with leg pouch/case
• Minimum of 4 mags for pistols and rifles
• Method for carrying shotgun ammo
• Knee pads
• Wraparound eye & ear protection (clear lenses for night events)
• Cap with brim
• Hydration source
• Clothing for all weather conditions
• Duffel that will allow you to bring all of your gear to the line with you
• Handheld Light:
• All participants must have at least one high intensity hand held light
• Weapon-Mounted Light: Highly recommended for long guns but not a requirement
• Sling: All operators MUST have a sling that permits a muzzle-down, front body carry on all long guns

Prerequisites and Physical Requirements for Firearms Training
An operator should be able to load, unload, and reload their firearm in a safe and controlled manner. Muzzle discipline and awareness is paramount.

An operator must possess the physical strength and stamina to repetitively function and fire their weapon during prolonged drilling. You must be able to get up and down from standing, kneeling, and prone positions, as well as move forward, backward, and laterally. An operator must be able to maintain mental, physical, and emotional self-discipline and not become over-excited or lose control.

An operator must have a keen awareness and consideration for other operators while handling fire-arms and conducting drills in close proximity of other operators.

An operator should be familiar with their weapons and equipment and be able to field strip their fire-arm for cleaning, maintenance, and problem-solving.

Instructor candidates are expected to be excellent communicators and willing to adapt to the role of being a student-learner as well as an instructor.

Our Philosophy
Our training staff is composed of professional and experienced coaches and we are students ourselves. We believe in treating everyone respectfully and as adult learners. Our coaches participate in the learning process and we use a building block approach to solidify skills before moving toward more advanced concepts. We do not believe in “check the box” training or lowest common denominator training. Individual assistance is always available.

You should not enroll in our course if you are:
• Not safe and conscientious with weapons
• Not willing to be open-minded
• Not willing receive new information and try new concepts
• Not capable of keeping your ego in check