Active Shooter Response With Shields

3 Days

“Capability breeds humility.”

Active Shooter Response With Shields

Cost $495

This 3-day course teaches the foundational skills and principles of deploying ballistic shields in an active shooter situation. We’ll familiarize participants with the dynamics and options available. The course also exposes participants to force-on-force scenarios in order to demonstrate the validity of the concepts. Traditionally, active shooter response has been accomplished by first responders using a formation and possibly, patrol rifles. Using a ballistic shield during an active shooter response allows law enforcement personnel to deploy a portable ballistic corner and place it wherever it’s needed. This brings additional safety to an active shooter response.

Topics include
• Deployment strategies, techniques and principles for the ballistic shield, in both
• methodical (searching for threat) and dynamic applications (direct to threat)
• Proper handling and movement with a hand-held ballistic shield
• Shield/weapon retention, techniques and principles when moving through a crowded area
• Stairwell movement utilizing a ballistic shield (ascending and descending)
• Concepts and strategies for a safer room entry (with and without a ballistic shield)
• Hostage situation concepts and strategies
• Downed-individual rescue(s) using ballistic shields Equipment required
• Note taking materials
• Choice of BDU’s/Sweats/Overalls/Flight Suit
• Flashlight used on duty
• Duty Rig
• Eye, Ear, Groin, and Neck Protection, Gloves
• Chest Protection for Women
• Kneepads
• Hydration