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Capability Breeds Humility

Our creed is Capability Breeds Humility. The more capable a person becomes through quality training the more humble they become. This, in turn, makes them better public servants.

With a lack of training, protectors many times respond to the crisis from a fear-based paradigm, which can escalate a situation leading to a negative outcome. Through quality training, that same officer can respond with confidence – but more importantly – sound tactics and wise decision-making and understanding. This allows the protector to de-escalate the situation with a better likelihood of a positive outcome for everyone involved. This reduces use-of-force incidents and complaints as well as liability.

In today’s tension-filled society, officers – now more than ever – need a higher level of training to meet our community’s expectations.  

During our training, we feature:

  • Rigorous force-on-force simulation
  • Practical and advanced live-fire courses
  • Low light precision rifle training
  • Low-light instructor courses
  • Use of force doctrine seminars
  • Defensive tactics/combatives training
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Training We Offer

Active Shooter Response Training:

Law Enforcement Response to the Active Shooter (Instructors Course – 3 & 5 Day Options)
This is a 45-hour instructor level course equipping law enforcement agencies in dealing with the increasing problem of active shooters in highly populated buildings such as schools, businesses and day-care centers.  Learn More
School Resource Officer and Small Agency Response to the Active Shooter – (3-Days)
Strategos’ active shooter training is designed with the idea that you – the person on the scene when the attack occurs – are the true first-responder. What you do may determine who lives and dies that day. Learn More
Tactics and Firearms Handling (4 Hours)
This course focuses on behavioral-based responses for armed protectors, including decision making in and around crowds during an active threat. Students will practice techniques using demo firearms and holsters (provided). Learn More
Active Shooter Response with Shields – (3 Days)
This 3-day course teaches the foundational skills and principles of deploying ballistic shields in an active shooter situation.
Learn More
Active Shooter Response for Dispatchers and 911 Operators (4 or 8 Hours)
This course provides dispatchers with effective instructions, strategies and principles that will allow them to provide timely instruction and direction to people involved in an active shooter, violent intruder, home invasion or burglary in progress. Learn More

Other Tactical Training:

SWAT Team Tactics – (5 Days)
The importance of training in a highly realistic training environment in which the student has the opportunity to train in scenarios that present this type of challenge cannot be overemphasized. Learn More
Principles & Applications Of Firearm Deadly Force Engagements (8 Hours)
In this 8-hour course, we will activate the sympathetic nervous system utilizing “force-on-force” training. Additionally, break down the actual engagement through repetition and analyze with videotape review and determine what went well and what could have been done differently.  Learn More
Tactical Medical Response – (2 Days)
This course is valid for all peace officers, regardless of their level of medical training. This program is not a rehashing of your academy first-responder class; its intent is not to make you an EMT. Learn More
Strategies of Vehicle Engagements – (2 Days)
This course will expose the participants to unpredictable and rapidly escalating responses during vehicle engagements. Students will be mentally and physically challenged to solve problems using an adaptive learning-based philosophy. Learn More
Immediate Action Response for Undercover Teams – (3 Days)
This course equips undercover officers to effectively respond to rapidly changing circumstances. It provides officers opportunities to react to situations they may have never faced before but are likely to encounter. The focus is not on training officers to become undercover operators. Learn More
K9 Down: Combat Casualty Care for Service Dogs – (1 Day)
This course trains personnel who work with emergency services dogs. This is much more than a first aid course and is facilitated by a tactically-trained veterinarian. Learn More
Protecting At-Risk Personnel (5 Days)
This course provides the knowledge to assess risk potential and build a plan to provide the appropriate level of security. The threat of violence is forcing private and public organizations to upgrade security. Learn More
Executive Protection Driver Training Course (2 Days)
To become an executive protection driver requires more than defensive driving. Executive protection drivers must ensure that the principal, family, staff and guests are safe. Learn More
Force-on-Force Instructors Management Course (2 Days)
Strategos International has long been synonymous with quality instruction, including force-on-force training. It covers everything from starting a program from the ground up to improve an existing program. Learn More
Force Sector Model – (1 Day)
The Strategos International Force Sector Model is a revolutionary way of thinking, evaluating and making decisions that culminates in productive action while operating in compressed timeframes. Learn More

Low Light Strategies Training:

Strategies of Low Light Engagements Instructor Course – (3 & 5 Day Options)
This groundbreaking course exposes officers to the foundational concepts of armed and unarmed confrontations associated with day and night operations. Learn More
Strategies of Low Light Engagement – (2 Days)
Upon completion of this intensive 2-day course, participants will be able to effectively clear and defend a building or room using low light tactics. Learn More

Firearms Instructor Training:

Tactical Firearms Instructor – 3 Gun (5 Day)
This is a dynamic course is for all trainers regardless of their background or other schools they may have attended. This skill-intensive class addresses coaching and training skills for three weapon systems: the pistol, the rifle, and the shotgun. Learn More
Tactical Rifle Instructor (5 Days)
This course is tactical weapons training in its purest form and provides preparation for a variety of patrol deployments including active shooter engagements. Learn More
Firearms Instructor Re-certification – 3 Gun (3 Days)
This dynamic and skill-intensive class addresses coaching and training skills for three weapons systems: the pistol, the shotgun, and the patrol rifle including operating in low light.  Learn More
Less Lethal Munitions Instructor Course (4 Days)
This instructor level course covers the full family of ALS Technologies munitions, including impact munitions, chemical agents, distraction devices, and stun munitions. Learn More

Firearms Instructor Development Training:

Tactical Pistol (3 Days)
When was the last time you were able to get away for more than an hour or two to drill with your pistol? Here is an excellent opportunity to invest your time in realistic, life-saving training with a tool you always wear. Learn More
Tactical Pistol/Rifle (3 Days)
This dynamic and realistic program combines skills and drills for both the pistol and the rifle. Come well rested and ready to learn by doing because down time is not a part of this class. Learn More
Tactical Pistol/Shotgun (3 Days)
This course combines the pistol and the shotgun for a three-day training opportunity. Firearms instructors can also disconnect from their normal range duties and gain personal trigger time. Learn More

Less Lethal Training:

Less Lethal Munitions Instructor – (4 Days)
This course will prepare the instructor to train end users in the deployment and use of these munitions. With the advent of research-supported training, these specialty rounds have gained a broader acceptance in patrol, tactical, and correctional settings. Learn More
Electronic Control Device Instructor Course – 2-Day Use of Force Management
Those who complete this program will be certified by Strategos International to train line personnel in the safe and effective use of electronic control devices. Learn More
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Gus Bomgardner

Police Officer – Florida

“I have taken numerous classes and courses over the course of my life and those at the top have been those involving Strategos International. … I learned so much more in your class than anything they taught me in the police academy.”

Reed Kotake

Blue Springs, Missouri, Police Department

“Exceptional! Material was clear, progressive, and easy to understand. It was useful to learn ‘why’ we should use the concepts rather than just ‘how’ to use them.”

Von Inman

Federal Reserve Police

“I’ve been a part of our executive protection program for about seven years. This course was one of the best I’ve been through. It provided a practical, common sense approach to protecting the principal.”

Santiago Vasquez

Kansas City Kansas Police Department

“As a police officer, I believe this type of training (At Risk Personnel) is much needed for every officer who patrols our streets. This training transcends the civilian world and should be offered to anyone who wants to learn about safety and self-defense.”



Greg Vickers

Johnson County, Kansas, Sheriff’s Office

“This course will assist me in teaching new operators and agency personnel. It was a great refresher for me and also confirmed our agency training program.”

Greg Gammons

Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

“This training will greatly help me with instructing teachers what else they can do besides just lock their doors.”

A list of references is available by request.