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    For Law Enforcement, Military & Security Professionals

    Since 2002, the mission of Strategos International has been to provide government, law enforcement and military professionals the highest quality security, safety and tactical training/consulting. These solutions are applicable and based in reality.

    Our training and consulting strategies have been developed through years of hands-on education, experience and client feedback. Strategies and content are presented in a manner that is principle-based and designed to be customizable depending on the client’s unique requirements.

    Solutions We Offer

    Consulting For Law Enforcement

    Often, an independent and outside agency can help law enforcement leaders overcome objections that they cannot impartially judge their own actions. We use independent, objective evaluation standards supplied by law enforcement subject matter experts.

    Tactical Training Courses

    A course can be provided for entry-level law enforcement, military, and professional security personnel up to advanced tactics for top tier operators. Strategos can provide a one-day operator course up to a five-day instructor level course.
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    Gus Bomgardner

    Police Officer – Florida

    “I have taken numerous classes and courses over the course of my life and those at the top have been those involving Strategos International. … I learned so much more in your class than anything they taught me in the police academy.”

    Reed Kotake

    Blue Springs, Missouri, Police Department

    “Exceptional! Material was clear, progressive, and easy to understand. It was useful to learn ‘why’ we should use the concepts rather than just ‘how’ to use them.”

    Von Inman

    Federal Reserve Police

    “I’ve been a part of our executive protection program for about seven years. This course was one of the best I’ve been through. It provided a practical, common sense approach to protecting the principal.”

    Santiago Vasquez

    Kansas City Kansas Police Department

    “As a police officer, I believe this type of training (At Risk Personnel) is much needed for every officer who patrols our streets. This training transcends the civilian world and should be offered to anyone who wants to learn about safety and self-defense.”



    Greg Vickers

    Johnson County, Kansas, Sheriff’s Office

    “This course will assist me in teaching new operators and agency personnel. It was a great refresher for me and also confirmed our agency training program.”

    Greg Gammons

    Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

    “This training will greatly help me with instructing teachers what else they can do besides just lock their doors.”

    A list of references is available by request.

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