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Insurance investigation services for organizations

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Utilizing the expertise of our investigation professionals, Strategos International is able to provide a multitude of services for different affected parties. This allows us to offer comprehensive and strategic solutions that protect your team, your organization, and your brand.


  • Investigations
  • Fraud
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Theft
  • Surveillance

Keeping People Safe, Keeping Profits Intact

Strategos International provides an extensive platform of investigative and security services for matters related to insurance. We work with organizations across a wide range of industries, as well as insurance companies, to provide insurance investigation services for claims related to fraud, theft, and fire origin. Our highly trained field experts implement an array of advanced techniques to help organizations mitigate profit loss, manage risk, and reduce liability.

Service Highlights

For Insurance investigation Services

  • Covert investigation services for various forms of corporate insurance fraud
  • Fact discovery and evidence preservation
  • Information gathering to inform decision-making, strategy design, and risk management
  • Covertly surveillance and documentation of targeted activities using highly advanced equipment
  • Confirm facts and gather information to help inform decisions, design strategy, and manage risk
  • High-quality surveillance results through extensive training and field experience

Our Values

Why Work With Strategos?


We’ve served over 10,000 clients, and our investigators are current or former federal agents or state and municipal law enforcement professionals with extensive experience.


Many of the organizations that depend on us are repeat or referral clients, speaking to the quality of the investigative services performed by our professionals.


We’re passionate about reducing fear and anxiety. Everybody deserves to feel safe and secure, and part of that involves using expert solutions and education to ensure the security of people, assets, and organizations.

How It Works

Organizational fraud causes corporations and other businesses to lose billions of dollars every year. In the event you suspect your organization is dealing with fraud, Strategos International’s highly trained insurance afraid investigators will act fast in order to prevent further monetary loss.

Fraud can take many forms, such as internal worker’s compensation fraud, internal theft, and external retail loss. As such, our expert field operatives will use a combination of advanced investigative surveillance techniques and document targeted activities that may have otherwise gone undetected.

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Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.

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Don’t Fall Victim to Insurance Fraud

Corporate fraud, fraudulent activities, and even allegations of fraud are incredibly serious and require immediate action to prevent the situation from becoming worse. Strategos International’s insurance fraud investigators provide immediate action to help your organization uncover the facts of the situation and obtain evidence on your organization’s behalf.

Stop Insurance Fraud At Its Source

Organizational fraud is one of the most costly issues facing companies of all sizes today. What makes it so hard to stop is that organizations face both internal and external threats in the form of worker’s compensation fraud, internal theft, and retail loss. Strategos International helps organizations mitigate the monetary losses of fraud through expert field operatives that perform insurance fraud surveillance services across the country and internationally.

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