Workplace Violence Training

High-Risk Terminations | HR, Managers & Supervisors, C-Suite


Who Should Attend: Human Resource Directors, Managers/Supervisors, C-Suite Personnel


Terminations are never easy for either the employee who is being separated or the supervisor/leader who is conducting the termination. Added to existing stressors are the unknowns answers to questions like “How will this termination be received by the employee?” “Will they react with shock or grief?” “Do they have the potential to act out in the form of violence against supervisors and co-workers?” This course will allow the participant to be educated on not only objectively determining if the upcoming termination is “high-risk” but also outline leading practices for assessing, planning and conducting “high-risk terminations”.

Topics Covered

  • Objective Behavior Risk Assessments
  • Two Types of High-Risk Terminations
  • Termination Preparation and Planning
  • Maintaining Dignity and Respect During the Termination Meeting
  • Room Selection for Termination Meeting
  • Safety and Security Mitigation Considerations

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