Firearms & Tactical Training

Firearms & Tactical Training Course Applications for the Pistol – Level 2

TAP2 is a compliment to and continuation of our TAP1 program. In this constructively life-changing course, we continue to use a building block approach to briefly review the tactics and techniques introduced during TAP1 and then move ahead with additional skills that will support your prevailing in an armed engagement. From the foundation you built during TAP1 we will add:

  • Additional biomechanical skills that increase speed and reduce hesitation/drag.
  • Moving offline in all directions using a fighting platform with the pistol properly indexed.
  • Shooting on the Move – creating and closing distance.
  • One-handed operation and firing of the pistol.
  • Selecting cover, moving from one position of cover to another in a fighting platform.
  • Making precision shots in a crowded environment and at greater distances.
  • Accounting for and managing multiple operators engaged in armed conflict.
  • Clearing multiple stoppages in a compressed time frame and under stress.

Exercises and Drills Include: We blend dry technical work, live-fire range exercises, range briefings and discussions, and case studies in order to incorporate multiple channels and learning modes for each participant. Our mission remains the same in preparing the Christian warrior and our goals and objectives include:

  • Safety and the Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Considerations for Discreetly Carrying and Deploying a Firearm
  • Proper Draw Stroke and Proper Recovery to the Holster
  • The Lawful, Justifiable, and Biblically Proper Use of Force
  • The Winning Warrior’s Mindset and Stress Management
  • Loading, Unloading, and Reloading
  • Mastering Natural and Repeatable Index Points
  • Communication and Working with a Partner
  • Verbal Challenges and Commands
  • Single and Multiple Threat Engagement
  • Immediate Action Drills and Clearing Malfunctions/Stoppages
  • Making Tactically Correct Decisions Under Stress

Audience/Who Should Attend – Prerequisites: This course is for those who have successfully completed our Tactical Applications for the Pistol course (TAP1) or our 4-Day Pistol Camp. TAP1 or Pistol Camp is a prerequisite for TAP2. With due respect to other training programs that are offered by other companies, we do not recognize their programs as a substitute for ours. TAP2 is not a beginner’s course. Our target audience is the responsible and conscientious operator who serves as part of an organization’s armed security team or life safety ministry. You need not be a competitive marksman, but your behavior and actions must demonstrate that you have a keen awareness of the powerful and life-changing potential of a firearm.

NOTE: At the beginning of class you will be required to demonstrate how to perform the functions of your firearm and physical measures listed under the “Prerequisites and Physical Requirements for Firearms Training” section. If you cannot perform these tasks you will not be allowed to continue with the course and your fees will not be refunded. All participants should be prepared to undergo a nationwide background check as a requirement to participate in this training.


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