Firearms & Tactical Training

Firearms & Tactical Training Course Applications for the Pistol – Level 1

This dynamic and life-changing course is intended as an introduction and foundation for the base skills necessary to act as a discreetly armed protector as part of a life safety team. We combine the fundamentals of marksmanship with basic tactical principles to teach you skills for how to fight and defend life with a handgun. Our discussions include the lawful and biblically proper use of force supported by Supreme Court case precedents. These skill competencies include deploying your pistol, firing, maintaining situational awareness, and managing your gear while:

Bilaterally using a stationary position of concealment/cover;
Moving forward and backward with your pistol ready in an “up” or high ready position;
Moving laterally and at oblique angles with your pistol ready or engaged;
Utilizing one or both hands from a variety of positions and fighting platforms.
Our building-block approach is appropriate for the novice who is already familiar with their pistol as well as the experienced individual who wants to take their skills and abilities to a new level. We focus on principles, tactics, and techniques to set you up for success in an armed encounter. As protectors, our mindset must be more than merely to survive, but rather to prevail and WIN in an armed attack.

Exercises and Drills Include:

  • Safety and the Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • How to Discreetly Carry and Deploy a Firearm
  • Proper Draw Stroke and Proper Recovery to the Holster
  • The Lawful, Justifiable, and Biblically Proper Use of Force
  • The Winning Warrior’s Mindset and Stress Management
  • Loading, Unloading, and Reloading
  • Developing Natural and Repeatable Index Points
  • Communication and Working with a Partner
  • Verbal Challenges and Commands
  • Single and Multiple Threat Engagement
  • Immediate Action Drills and Clearing Malfunctions/Stoppages
  • Making Proper Decisions Under Duress
  • Interacting with Responding Law Enforcement

Audience Who Should Attend:

Responsible and conscientious adults who serve as part of an organization’s security ministry or life safety team. Any person who wants to build or improve their foundation for deploying a firearm as a life-saving tool in an emergency will benefit from this course.

IMPORTANT This is not a “handgun 101” course. Participants must already have a basic understanding of and ability to safely handle and manipulate their pistol in a controlled manner with a calm demeanor. TAP is a basic, skill-building course but it is not an introductory course for a person who has never fired a handgun or who is not familiar with how to safely handle a handgun. You need not be an accomplished marksman, but your behavior and actions must demonstrate that you have a keen awareness of the powerfully destructive potential of a firearm.

NOTE: At the beginning of class you will be asked to demonstrate how to perform the functions of your firearm and physical measures listed under the “Prerequisites and Physical Requirements for Firearms Training” section. If you cannot perform these tasks you will not be allowed to continue with the course.

Cost – $427 per person


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