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    1 Day Intruder Awareness and Response for Church Personnel – Wichita, KS (CLOSED)

    February 29 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm CST

    Learn To Identify Suspicious Behavior And Respond To A Threat

    While Building An Even More Friendly And Welcoming Environment.  

    We can help your church staff and volunteers create/improve a personalized church security plan ✝️ 

    Biblical, ethical training to protect your congregation without compromising your mission.


    “No textbook, video or speech can compare to the hands-on, real-life situation training that they are passionate and devoted to giving.” – Barney Munhollon, Strategos Training Attendee

    Biblical, ethical training to protect your congregation without compromising your mission.

    Not sure about church security?

    Watch Our Top 7 Questions (and Answers) About Church Security:


    • Course is $99 per person  (Early Bird and Group Rates Available)

    Who should attend?

    ✔️ Church Ushers

    ✔️ Church Greeters

    ✔️ Church Leadership

    ✔️ Security/Safety personnel

    ✔️ Parking Control personnel

    ✔️ Deacons/Elders

    ✔️ Volunteers

    ✔️ First Line Reception Personnel

    ✔️ Other staff in frequent contact with the congregation and visitors

    This course will educate your personnel on recognizing behavioral pre-cursors to suspicious behavior.

    Knowing the body language is many times a PRIOR indicator of behavioral intentions or acts, an overview of suspicious behavior or pre-cursors to watch for is reviewed.

    This course also discusses the behavioral indicators of armed individuals whether they are lawfully armed or unlawfully armed. Summarized this section will instill a mindset of “SEE Something . . . SAY Something” for those that attend.

    A review of statistics and trends of crimes against churches since 2007 will be reviewed. Additionally, the justification of safety & security within the church complete with biblical authority is reviewed and discussed. A review of several in progress crimes against persons at churches and church events for lessons learned and historical trends are covered as well.

    A discussion and practical training block on “the art of the handshake” and the “technique” of the handshake will be discussed and demonstrated. Discussion and demonstration on distance and closing strategies for those approaching and evaluating armed individuals in a welcoming and hospitable manner so that the church mission is not compromised and even enhanced will be discussed and demonstrated as well.

    Additionally, this course provides strategies to DE-escalating conflict from a verbal point of view and covers what phrases and language to avoid to prevent conflict in a verbal nature from escalating.

    Included with this course is an overview of lockdown procedures for both “THREAT INSIDE” and “THREAT OUTSIDE” lockdown of a church facility as well as protocols for what to do when “lockdown fails”. Practical exercises of all of the above can be included and customized based on timeline availability as well.

    Topics Covered:

    ✔️ History & demographics of church violence & church shootings

    ✔️ Importance of “Awareness” in relation to prevention & mitigation

    ✔️ Biblical authority for church safety & security

    ✔️ Church lockdown protocols & principles

    ✔️ Lockdown failure response protocols

    ✔️ Awareness Priority Matrix for the Campus & the Sanctuary

    ✔️ Educating ushers, greeters & other first line reception personnel

    ✔️ Recognizing traits of suspicious behavior

    ✔️ Recognizing traits of armed individuals

    ✔️ Approaching suspicious or armed individuals

    ✔️ Verbal conflict management & de-escalation

    Click to Learn More: https://strategosintl.com/church-security-training/


    “…this was the best presented, laid out, and structured program I have ever seen for teaching people at various experience and skill levels how to de-escalate high-stress situations and progressively escalate their response to adapt to greater threats. The best group I have ever worked with for teaching with the understanding of the needs of ministry and security, by leaps and bounds.” – Michael Exendine, Strategos Training Attendee


    Kansas District of the Assemblies of God
    Wichita, KS 67052 United States
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