Part of being prepared is knowing how to treat the injured to minimize loss of life.



The are the same techniques taught to the US Military to treat traumatic injuries on the battlefield.  These are life-saving measure anyone can use.

Do you know what’s worse than a mass shooting or other violent attack?

Seeing people die who didn’t have to.

“Preventable deaths”. 

That’s what trauma surgeons call it when people bleed out and die from an otherwise “survivable injury” simply because they could not get the help they needed fast enough.

The Columbine, Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings.  The Las Vegas massacre. Aurora Colorado movie theater shooting. The Boston Marathon bombing. The church shootings we have all heard about… 

When these mass-casualty events were reviewed by teams of trauma surgeons, they found that in many cases….there were victims that died, who didn’t have to.

This is what just one doctor who has reviewed some of these cases had to say…

“the wounded had to be treated immediately, at the scene….but external bleeding can always be controlled in an extremity wound, if it is addressed quickly enough. No one should bleed to death from an arm or a leg injury, even with the loss of a limb.”

– Dr. Lenworth Jacobs, Head Trauma Surgeon

But people did die.  

That’s because after someone suffers a traumatic injury and has massive bleeding TIME becomes the enemy.

It only takes 5 minutes for someone to bleed to death.

But, the average response time for emergency services in the US is 3 – 9 minutes.

And paramedics are often held back until the scene is considered…”safe.”

“Even in the case of gunshot wounds, your chance of survival can be as high as 95% IF you are still alive when you arrive at the hospital.

– Dr. Vincent, J.M. DiMaio – Chief Medical Examiner

Which is why the true first responder is YOU.

The people already on scene.

But there is one more issue when it comes to treating traumatic injuries such as gunshot and knife wounds.

Simple First Aid is NOT ENOUGH…

When someone (even yourself) is bleeding to death, you need combat casualty skills to stop the bleeding quickly.

That Is Exactly Why We Created This…

This online video training is a condensed version of our 8 hour live class that teaches you the same techniques used by the U.S. military to treat traumatic injuries on the battlefield.

As with all of our video based trainings, this is not meant to be a substitute for a live training, but a supplemental way of getting you and your team this life saving information need now!

“In my 35 years as a paramedic and firefighter, I will tell you it is my belief that EVERYONE should have these skills.  just like CPR and AED.”

– Todd Burke


This training is…


The same training approved by SOCOM (Special Operations Command) to be used on the battlefield.


Based on thousands of case studies.


Goes way beyond basic first aide.

Here is just some what you will learn…


The background of Tactical Combat Casualty Care.  Where it comes from, why it works and why it is the go-to standard for treating traumatic injuries such as bullet wounds, stab wounds, and other life-threatening injuries.


How to stop life-threatening bleeding using techniques such as wound packing, tourniquets, proper bandage application, quick clots, etc. 


How to quickly open an airway.


The important acronym you need to remember when evaluating and treating someone.


How to apply a tourniquet properly so you are able to stop bleeding without damaging nerves and causing other complications.


The hidden dangers often overlooked when dealing with a trauma victim that you need to address to increase their chance of survival.


How to pack a wound the right way including what items you can improvise with in the field if you have to. 


The must have items to have in your trauma kit including what to stay away from.  Many items sold online and in stores are not adequet or dependable enough to be used in a life threatening situation. 


Whole lot more….

You can get immediate access to this online video training by selecting one of the following options.

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We stand by our training and know the life-saving information we provide is the best in the industry.

So, our guarantee is simple. If for any reason you are not happy with this training, within 30 days of purchase simply let us know and we will refund every penny…no questions asked.