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Workplace violence affects thousands of people and, subsequently, organizations across the United States every year. Understandably, people feel fear and anxiety that stems from not knowing whether they’ll be affected next—or what they’ll do if the situation arises.

Working with organizations across the country, Strategos International ensures the safety of both personnel and property by empowering clients through comprehensive workplace violence training, consulting, and protection services.

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Strategos International has helped train over 300,000 individuals across 15 countries, serving everyone from multinational corporations and Fortune 10 Companies to small companies and nonprofit organizations.

Our protection professionals adapt our workplace violence training, consulting, or protection services to the unique needs of our clients—ensuring that the solutions we deliver do not compromise your organization’s core mission or values.

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Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.

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Fear on any crisis-related topic comes from “having a problem without a solution.” Let us reduce fear within your organization by providing the solutions to these potential crisis-related problems.

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