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Strategos International is proud to offer a wide range of corporate security services to both local organizations and large multinationals. Capable of serving short-term, long-term, and large-scale needs, our organization acts fast to provide high-quality, concierge-level service from capable personnel. No matter where your security needs are within the U.S. or internationally, we offer effective, predictable, and scalable security solutions.

Services we offer:

  • Executive and VIP protection solutions and bodyguard services
  • Premium uniformed security
  • Security for high-risk termination and workplace violence prevention security
  • Disaster response asset protection
  • High-value asset transport and protection

Church Security Services at Strategos

Strategos International provides a broad range of protection, security, and bodyguard services to both individuals and organizations across the US and internationally. Working with our team offers the benefit of partnering with experienced, highly trained professionals.

Service Highlights

For Church Security Services

  • Executive Protection & VIP Protection
  • Premium Uniformed Security
  • High-Risk Termination Security
  • Workplace Violence Mitigation
  • Disaster Response Asset & Personnel Protection
  • High-Value Asset Transport & Protection
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Large Event Protection
  • C-Suite Personnel Travel Protection

Our Values

Why Work With Strategos?


Strategos International has provided a wide range of protection services across the United States and internationally for over 2 decades, with many of our personnel possessing decades of law enforcement and military experience.


Our organization contracts over 500 highly trained protection professionals. This means we are uniquely positioned to staff an event of any size.


Integrity is at the core of what we do, and our services will never compromise our own values or the values of those we serve.

How It Works

Strategos International and our protection experts can provide a wide range of corporate security services—from security for discreet settings and large environments to asset and facility protection. Working with organizational leadership, we tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients and design strategies for both risk mitigation and threat assessments.

Based on those needs, we connect clients with contracted security professionals based on the specific service and their experience. No matter your safety and security needs, our professional team will perform all services to the highest possible standards.

Protection Starts Here

Through education and empowerment, Strategos International can help reduce fear within your organization and provide solutions to potential crisis-related problems. Get started today.

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Disaster Response Asset & Personnel Protection

Disasters come in a variety of forms: natural disasters by tornados, fires, earthquakes, and human-made disasters that can be caused intentionally or inadvertently by a car crash, planted explosive, or active shooter.

The location and level of impact a demonstration of public unrest may have is unpredictable. Therefore, the best time to designate your security partner and design a plan is when you are calm and can think clearly. Knowing who you can count on in your time of need will give you peace of mind that you are protecting your business, employees, and family. A security team with advanced preparation can respond with the appropriate level of action without making matters worse.

Your consultant will scale a security plan for one local storefront or multiple locations across the country or affected designated geographic area if needed. Staffing is handled from a single source to fulfill a 24/7 security team regardless of where you are located in the U.S. or are international.

Ways that We can Serve You:

  • Hurricane Response
  • Earthquake Response
  • Personnel Extraction & Rescue
  • Tornado Response
  • Public Unrest & Riot Response
  • Pandemic Emergency Management

The need for disaster response security can sometimes catch you off guard. For that reason, we have included an “immediate response” button on this page.

If you need protection services after hours, click the button to provide the requested information for an on-call security consultant to respond promptly.

Premium Uniformed Security

Strategos premium security uniformed guard services and personnel are not your typical guard solution where just a visual “recognize and report” solution is desired. Our Agents are former Law Enforcement, Military, or have attained specialized training specifically for the protection of persons and property. We stand proud in the fact that we will rarely win a “low bid” contract; our Agents demand more than “low bid” pay. We are equally proud of the tenure of our personnel; in an industry that typically has near 100% turnover year to year, ours is in the single digit percentage of turnover annually.

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Fear on any crisis-related topic comes from “having a problem without a solution.” Let us reduce fear within your organization by providing the solutions to these potential crisis-related problems.

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Training benefits
  • Reduce anxiety & fear
  • Increase response capability
  • Decrease liability exposure