Taser and Electronic Control Device for Church Protectors

2 Days

“The true first responders are the ones already on the scene.”

Taser and Electronic Control Device for Church Protectors

Churches can take myriad approaches toward security, whether they choose an armed or unarmed response. A third option is what is commonly known as a Taser (or conducted electrical weapon).

Church staff and volunteers who deploy these weapons need to be trained to avoid misusing them and incurring liability and adverse publicity. Not only does this protect anyone from the unnecessary use of a weapon, it shields the church and its insurance company from false allegations of improper deployment.

This course is designed for church security teams who want to use the less lethal approach of a Taser. Successful completion of this course will certify students for the operation of either the Taser X-26 or C2 Security Taser.

• How the Taser works as a less than lethal force option
• History and development of the Taser
• How the Taser operates and functions
• When and how it should be deployed in a church and worship environment
• What procedures to follow if the Taser is utilized
• Potential liability issues – management and reduction
• Confrontation avoidance
• How to de-escalate a confrontation should it occur
• How the Taser fits into the overall useof-force model for security in a church or worship environment

This course will require student participation in hands-on and scenario training environment. Students will be required to review and sign a liability waiver and a medical release form prior to participation in the course

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