Personal Awareness and Safety
For Believers

4 Hours

“The true first responders are the ones already on the scene.”

Personal Awareness and Safety for Believers

The stats say it all. Somewhere in America, a person is assaulted every 90 seconds. Have you found yourself in uncomfortable surroundings or circumstances?

This course has been specifically developed for the Christian believer and is supported with biblical authority for protecting yourself and others

Living life on mission and spreading Christ’s message to those with hurts, heartaches and hang-ups can put Christians in hostile environments and circumstances.

In addition, many churchgoers have been wrongly taught that defending themselves and others is unethical and unbiblical.

• Biblical authority for awareness, safety and security
• Overcoming objections for protecting yourself and others
• Demographics and statistics on violence against women
• Why fight back? – Statistics and justifications
• Victim vs. defender body language
• Dressing to defend
• Safety and security while approaching a vehicle
• Safety and security while traveling in a vehicle
• Safety and security at home
• Safety and security while traveling abroad
• Self defense principles – When it’s time to fight back

Who should attend?
Church members who wish to increase their awareness and vigilance, pastors, church business administrators, facility managers, security directors, children’s ministry directors, security team members, greeters, ushers, parking teams, deacons, elders, church staff, volunteers, ushers and greeters

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