Intruder Awareness and Response
for Church Personnel

7 Hours

“The true first responders are the ones already on the scene.”

Intruder Awareness and Response
for Church Personnel

Your church can be secure, yet welcoming. A focus on security does not, and should not, compromise the mission of your church. Our one-day training provides a quick overview of how these two important goals can complement one another in practice

We’ll equip your team to recognize physical indicators of suspicious behavior (nervousness, anti-social tendencies, strange attire).

Understanding body language can help identify someone with an intention for violence or disruption. If you can detect a problem before it starts, you have a much greater chance of defusing it.

This course also discusses the behavioral indicators of armed individuals whether they are armed lawfully or unlawfully. In addition, we emphasize the importance of a culture of “see something, say something.”

Our one-day training also covers the “art of the security handshake” – allowing you to greet a suspicious individual while also identifying if he is armed.

We’ll also educate your team on:
• Statistics on church violence
• The biblical and ethical justification for
church security
• History of violence at churches
• Approaching armed individuals
• Verbally de-escalating conflict
• Lockdown procedures for threats inside and
outside the building
• What to do when lockdown fails
• Awareness
• Training your team

If your church is willing to extend the time of the training, additional hands-on training and simulations can be incorporated.

Who should attend?
Ushers, greeters, church leadership, security teams, parking teams, deacons and elders, volunteers, staff and volunteers in frequent contact with the congregation and visitors

This course is approved for 6.5 Missouri POST continuing education hours.

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