S.O.A.R. Internet & Online Safety For Families (Parents & Kids)

(4 Hour)

“1 Thessalonians 5:21 – But test everything; hold fast what is good.”

S.O.A.R. Internet & Online Safety For Families

(S-safe O-bservant A-ware R-esponsible)

Purpose of this Training:
Every great invention throughout history has been made with the intention of good. However, some have found ways
to use these inventions for dark purposes as well. While technology and the internet have made our lives easier from
connecting with loved ones to shopping from home, to school work, it has also become one of the biggest threats to
the safety and security of our children and families.

While some of these websites and applications have been around for years, new ones are popping up almost on a
monthly basis. This concept can make it difficult to keep up with the popularity of all of these websites and
applications being used by our children unfortunately criminals.

We at Strategos International believe that the only true danger that comes with the use of these applications and
websites, stems from a lack of education. Even the young people who use this technology often are unaware of the
dangers that lurk inside of it. If parents and young people have a resource where they can receive all of this
information, they can make informed decisions on what their children should have access to, what they should use,
how to stay safe, and how to keep their children safe from harm while allowing them to connect with friends, complete
schoolwork, and keep up with the ever-changing world of technology.

Who Should Attend: 

  • Parents of Pre-teens and Teenagers
  • Pre-Teen and Teenage kids
  • Youth Pastors
  • Youth Volunteers & Leadership
  • Teachers

Topics Covered: 

  • Phone Applications: Usage and Dangers
  • Social Media Websites: Usage and Dangers
  • The Internet, The Law, and Law Enforcement
  • Signs, Safety, Steps to take for Overall Security

Training Objectives: 

  • Familiarize Parents and Children to up to date Phone Apps and Social Media to include:
    • History and Capabilities of each Application and Website. 
    • Dangers associated with these Applications and Websites.
    • Introduction to Laws, and enforcement of criminal activity on these applications and websites
    • Proper Safety Measures and Monitoring
    • Provide steps on contacting law enforcement if criminal activity is suspect

Strategos International Feels Driven to Be Your Resource.
This class will provide you with all of this information and resources to keep your children safe.

Class Presentation:
• PowerPoint
• Hands-on demo and exploration of applications and websites
• Question and Answer Session
• Parent-Child Online Accessibility Safety Covenant

The “Parent-Child Covenant” is a written and mutual statement of agreement and understanding between parent and
their child that outlines guidelines for privacy and accessibility boundaries between the parent and the child as well as
child’s wireless devices and computers that they have access to.

Strategos International will also be providing attendees with online resources and updates concerning new technology
trends, updates, and dangers associated with online activity. This information and updates will be provided through
www.strategosintl.com (Internet Safety Resource Tab). You can also sign up for email updates.

Strategos International believes that there is nothing more important than the safety of our children and we are
committed to providing our customers with all of the tools needed to achieve this.

COSTS:  $99 for parent and $25 for accompanying child (when paying for 2 children the 3rd child is free).



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