The Core Values Index Practitioner S.M.E. Course

(2 Day)

Cost:  $2495.00 per person

Who Should Attend:

    • Those with the authority and capacity to implement the CVI into the agency or organization
    • Chaplains
    • Law Enforcement, EMS, Military, Fire, and Corrections Officers/Leadership
    • Pastors and licensed ministers 
    • Law Enforcement leadership desiring to upgrade or start a chaplaincy program
    • Anyone desiring to minister to and support first-responders  

A separate and optional “2-day CVI Practitioner” training course will be discussed for those desiring to bring in-depth practical knowledge back to their organization or agency for implementation within their organizations, teams, and departments. The Core Values Index Practitioner Course offers a deep dive into the practical uses of the CVI and is led by licensed subject matter experts. This training, which has been used by some of the most elite leaders in the world, brings self-awareness to situational awareness and gives you the ability to: 

    • Find and motivate the top performance of each individual on your team 
    • Make room for everyone on the team, and where needed, realign them
    • Immediately adjust everyone’s expectations about work performance capacity
    • Quickly interpret and depersonalize conflict between team members
    • Foster a culture of interdependence in team dynamics and reduce friction between team members
    • Easily measure someone’s efficiency and fulfillment, by allotting proper time percentages for work
    • Develop a training rhythm within your teams based on measurable learning styles
    • Identify potential subject matter experts within your organization who can be trained to oversee the implementation of the CVI 

Specific topics covered in this training include: 

    • Shifting into what the Moment Calls For: How to Know When you Have and Haven’t
    • How to Awaken the “Sleepy” Core Value: Getting Full use of your Smaller Capacities 
    • Key Questions to Activate the Needed Core Value 
    • How to get buy-in from everyone in the room
    • Learning Style Hacks: Knowing How to Teach Anyone 
    • Mastering the Art of the Handoff — How and When to Pass the Baton 
    • Tips, Techniques, and Practical Application Exercises for Training 
    • Making Decisions from your Core Values 
    • Risks — How to know when (and when not) to take them 
    • Ways Each Core Value Complements/Provokes the Other 
    • What to do when you (or others) go dark and how to pull out 
    • How to keep your people from leaving by bringing out their best

In this intensive two-day training, subject matter experts will receive:

    • The ability to oversee and facilitate Foundations Level CVI Training 
    • PowerPoint on a flash drive for CVI SME Facilitator
    • The nuanced insight to interpret the CVIs for individuals and teams within their department or company 
    • The capacity to be the on-site expert for all upper management and employees of the CVI 
    • A certificate of completion after the training
    • Unlimited access to Hardwired Coaching for application and troubleshooting

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