Church Security Scenario Training

1 Day

“The true first responders are the ones already on the scene.”

Church Security Scenario Training

This course for church security personnel simulates real-world events that can happen and have occurred at churches across the country. Goals and objectives are outlined for each scenario, followed by critique and review.

Although we have a structured program, it is designed to facilitate continuous interaction, learning and Q&A.

We’ve created more than 25 training scenarios. In this seminar, we focus on several that are most relevant to church protectors and the needs of your particular church.

Topics include:
• Use of force for law enforcement vs. civilian protectors
• Less lethal vs. lethal application of force
• Non-linear use of force decision-making
• Verbal and physical de-escalation strategies
• Communication between protectors (verbal and non-verbal)
• Deadly force risk analysis and collateral damage avoidance

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