Core Value Index Mapping For First Responders & Chaplains

(1 Day)

Cost:  $149 per person

Who Should Attend:

    • Chaplains
    • Law Enforcement, EMS, Military, Fire, and Corrections Officers 
    • Pastors and licensed ministers 
    • Law Enforcement leadership desiring to upgrade or start a chaplaincy program
    • Anyone desiring to minister to and support first-responders  


A crisis is a moment that defines everyone affected by it. Being able to lead successfully through disturbing experiences requires the ability to recognize what the moment calls for, and to do the right things at the right time, with the right people, in the right way, and for the right reason. As first responders, chaplains, or pastors, we know that caring for people during and after an event requires more than tactical skill sets to meet physical needs. Effective leadership requires us to care for the mental, emotional, and even spiritual needs of people as they navigate the brokenness of a fallen world. 

What if you had an insight into the people you care for that was based on knowledge about who they are at the core of their being? What if you were able to provide the best and most specific help in light of what you know about how they handle fear and process trauma? And what if you could go one step further and bring the best possible version of yourself to each incident, without getting in your own way or being negatively affected by the crisis?

Core Value Index Mapping for First Responders and Chaplains is a seminar on how to lead effectively in a crisis based on hardwiring: yours and the people you serve. Using the most accurate and simple psychometric assessment tool available, the Core Values Index (CVI), this course is designed to help you come to any critical incident in alignment with your capacity to:

    • Make the best, fast-acting decisions amidst rapidly changing circumstances 
    • Create a nurturing and hope-filled environment in which to provide care 
    • Maintain level-headedness in chaos without being caught up in the frenzy 
    • Act with certainty and precision while lowering the risk to everyone involved 

In this one-day seminar, you will learn: 

    • A simple paradigm to understand how all people are hardwired mentally 
    • How fear and trauma affect people and brings out the best or worst in them
    • How to lift others out of darkness and into the perspective they need to go forward 
    • How your own personal hardwiring can determine what you bring to every situation 

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