ATTENTION: Christian School Administrators…

Since 1999, there have been over 230 active shooter school events in the U.S.

With No Public Funding For School Resource Officers Or Mandatory Lock-Down Training…
Christian Schools Are Considered An Easier Target
For Active Shooters Than Public Schools.




Learn The Critical SecurityPrinciples
You Must Know
To Have A Solid Security Foundation…
To Keep Your Christian School Safe.

You get unlimited access to share with your entire staff.

Have You Already Had Training In The Past?
Regardless, We Guarantee You Will Learn New Information On How To Make Your School Safer.

The fact that you are reading this tells us that you are serious about the safety of your School.


Let us share this with you…

Since 2002 we have taught over 30,000 public and private school educators how to keep kids safe from intruders and active shooters. In fact our training has been given 4.9 out of 5 stars by a division of homeland security.

(That is in addition to the more than 200 church security trainings we do every year.)

And in preparing for the now THOUSANDS of courses we have taught over the past decade and a half…

We have reviewed hundreds of intruder and active shooter events in schools.
And TWO critical facts always prove true.


​Having a security plan with staff that is properly trained can without a doubt save kids lives. We see it with almost every event.


​By the time law enforcement arrives, the attack is already over!

This means that the TRUE first responders are the ones already on scene. You.

And the numbers don’t lie. There has been a steady increase in violent school incidents.

So many in fact, that many you don’t even hear about on the news because they are no longer “the big story.”

But in seeing public schools being given money for more secure entrances, mandatory lock-down trainings and school resource officers; more and more Christian schools are wanting to do their part to be prepared and keep kids safe.

And like you I’m sure, this is not just something they feel obligated to do. Being prepared to protect kids is something they want to do.

But there is a challenge every Christian School faces once they make that critical decision to protect keep kids safe.

When it comes to security training, most christian schools either don’t know where to start OR are simply looking for a more efficient way to train their staff.

Simply knowing WHO to trust with your training in addition to finding a way for everyone on your team to be brought up to speed on what is needed can be overwhelming.

And although attending or hosting a live training is a great option….most schools want to know what they can do RIGHT NOW…TODAY…to be better prepared.



That Is Exactly Why We Created This…

This online video training gives you instant, unlimited access
to train your entire team
on the critical components
you need to keep your christian school safe…
in only 30 minutes.

This online video training gives you instant, unlimited access to train your entire team of staff on the critical components you need
to keep your christian school safe…
in only 30 minutes.

While there is no substitute for attending one of our live trainings, we have packed as much as we can into this 30 minute video so that you have what you need to have a firm security foundation to protect your church.

Who is this training for?


​Any Christian school wanting to a solid safety and security plan to defend against (and even deter and active shooter).


​Christian schools looking to make sure the the current plans they have place are based on solid proven principles.

Even if you have been through other training in the past, we promise you will still find tremendous value here.

In fact, many of our course attendees who have been through “other” trainings are blown away by how much they learn.

Thats because this is not something we just do on the side or started doing yesterday.

We have been dedicated to being the best at active shooter and intruder response training for over a decade and are considered by leading law enforcement agencies to be “the go to authority.”

A recognition we are humbled and honored to have.


This training is…


100% ministry focused and biblically based.


Compliments law enforcement (whether already on-site or responding).


Is not just reactive, but proactive.  We give you insight into not only what to do during an event, but what you can do NOW to deter an intruder and help prevent a violent attack in the first place.

Here is what you will learn in this training…


We will go over the primary reasons why Christian Schools are considered soft (easy) targets and tell you how you can protect yourselves.


​Learn the 3 critical elements every Christian School needs for solid safety and security.


​We will walk you through the 3 layers of security that you must have in place to be able respond to an incident appropriately and even prevent one in the first place.

​​Learn the 3 parts to a PROPER lock down. Along with the #1 deadly mistake 90% of churches and Christian schools are making when it comes to protecting kids.

​Learn the one life-saving item EVERY classroom should have.


Learn the 3 practical ways to increase the overall protection of your church.


​​And a lot more…

Since You Get UNLIMITED ACCESS To Share This With Your Entire Team…

We Were Originally Going To Price This At $97.

We decided that this life saving content is simply too valuable. 
We believe every church should be able to have access to it and don’t want price to get in the way of you and your school being prepared.
That’s why we have decided…

Instant Access
For Your Entire Team For Only:


That Means You Can Share This Life Saving Training With Your Entire Team Of Staff AND Volunteers, For About The Cost Of Lunch After Church On Sunday.

Get Instant Unlimited Access
For Your Entire Team

(Price to soon be $97)