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Don’t gamble with the risk of workplace violence.

Failure to prepare has much higher stakes than roulette. One of the most iconic quotes from the original “Star Wars” trilogy has to do with risk assessment. Really. C3-PO warns Han Solo that his flight through an asteroid field is likely to end in disaster. And that’s when Solo chimes in with “Never tell me

Churches don’t have to choose between security and hospitality

  Maintaining a secure but welcoming environment simply requires balance. On the heels of 2018’s horrific synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, Pa., came this FOX News headline: “Violence prompts churches to weigh security vs. welcoming.” While I understand the sentiment behind this idea, it misunderstands what makes a church secure. There is in fact no stark

Got Protesters? Handle With Care

Holster the donuts and suspend the arguments. Unless it’s violent, let this storm blow over. A well-known protest group recently made its rounds at churches in the Orlando area, spewing an all-too-common message of “hate thy neighbor.” In our hyper-politicized age, everything appears to be a cause for protest. And protesters are not generally known

Friendly fire is never friendly

Understand the risks of an armed response to an intruder before it’s too late. It wasn’t a typical worship service at Faith City Mission in Amarillo, Texas. While the congregation was pondering the heavenly, a gunman rushed in and brought them back down to earth – hard. Media accounts report that some people ran, while