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How can our church be secure yet welcoming?

Part 1 in our video series, “7 Questions (and Answers!) About Church Security” Churches around the world are grappling with how to create a secure environment while maintaining their community-minded mission. Barry Young, vice president of operations for Strategos International, addresses this problem. It’s the first in our series, “7 Questions (and Answers!) About Church

Strategos in the news: Church security from “Band-Aids to bullets.”

FOX24 of Fayetteville, Ark., reported on our church security training “from the parking lot to the pulpit, and Band-Aids to bullets.” “The presentation was put on for everyone from church greeters to those in leadership, and discussed how to identify suspicious behavior and respond to threats. It also provided an overview of lockdown procedures and

A YouTuber walks into a church …

It’s no joke when a confrontationist disrupts your worship service. But what should you do? We recently posted an article about a YouTuber who had been disrupting church services in Tennessee. He was armed only with a camera, but aimed to cause chaos and then upload the footage. The post exploded on Facebook, reaching nearly

Church Security Training for Seminary, Bible College and Ministry Students

Strategos is offering a new course to bridge a gap in ministry education. Aspiring pastors and ministry workers study systematic theology, hermeneutics, church law and many other vital topics. But one that is almost universally overlooked is church security. What event could be more impactful than an armed attacker disrupting a church service, youth camp

Strategos International and GuideOne Insurance unite to advance security for faith-based organizations

One of the nation’s leading security providers for faith-based organizations is teaming with one of its most prominent insurers. Strategos International and GuideOne Insurance are working together to help churches, Christian schools and other institutions get the security and insurance coverage they need in an era of mass shootings. “The increase of violence at schools

Barry Young: The Top 7 Questions (and Answers) About Church Security

We answer your great about churches, weapons, security ministry and more. Until recently, the words “church” and “security” were seldom seen together. Now they’re a permanent fixture in the English language. Strategos’ Barry Young, VP of Operations, eats, sleeps and breathes church security. In this interview, he shares the “Top 7 Questions About Church Security”

Strategos Church Security Training Featured on Action News Jax

We’re honored to have one of our recent church security trainings, led by instructor Roger Huggins, featured by Action News Jax. “The group would rather preach the gospel and leave the guns aside, but they’re training because for them, knowing how to handle a firearm in a place of worship has become a necessity.” Learn