Full Service Private Investigation & Monitoring

    Backed By Veteran Law Enforcement Professionals

    As a full-service private investigation firm, we operate with confidentiality and competence. We serve attorneys, insurance companies, the general public and businesses of all sizes.

    We’re committed to excellence in investigative services including:

    •    Criminal and civil investigations
    •    Insurance fraud
    •    Background screenings
    •    Trademark infringement
    •    Accident investigation
    •    Marine operation
    •    Physical and electronic surveillance

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    Ways We Can Help

    Missing Persons, Kidnapping, Abduction and Runaways

    Strategos is your steady partner during the uncertainty of a missing person. Drawing on decades of law enforcement and security experience, we’re experts at tracing the path of loved ones, colleagues and others who have gone missing. We leave no stone unturned.


    Services For Attorneys And The Legal Industry

    We are a confidential partner to the legal services industry, whether we’re taking witness statements, conducting surveillance or documenting injuries. Our practices are consistent in honoring attorney-client privilege, work-product protection and proper conduct when investigating opposing parties. 

    Our services include:
    •    Legal asset investigation
    •    Difficult process server
    •    Missing persons
    •    Witness statements
    •    Injury surveillance
    •    Accident investigations
    •    Legal background research
    •    Bankruptcy and foreclosure
    •    Estate and probate

    Workers’ Comp And Injured Worker Investigations

    Employee injury fraud strains budgets, decreases productivity and hurts morale. Our highly skilled fraud investigators conduct surveillance on employees with injury claims. Our quality of evidence, experience and expert testimony make the investment for our services pay off.

      Employee Theft And Loss Prevention

      Employee theft is a reality of the workplace and can sometimes involve a conspiracy of multiple staff members. Skilled fraud investigators can make all the difference. We use tactics including
      covert surveillance, undercover investigations, polygraph testing and employee interviews to discover fraudulent activity.

      Professional Interviewing And Interrogation

      It takes a professional to conduct an interview that discovers deception and reveals the truth. That’s where Strategos excels. With our law enforcement and security backgrounds, we’re skilled at asking questions and reading mannerisms of action and speech as part of our overall investigation. 


      Electronic surveillance is the watchdog of the modern age. But it requires human wisdom to use it strategically and effectively. Strategos can assist with short-term investigations or long-term security programs. Our services include:

      •    Audio surveillance
      •    Hidden video surveillance
      •    Employee surveillance
      •    Surveillance of one or multiple subjects and multiple locations
      •    Aerial serveilance – Strategos can provide aerial surveillance solutions for those projects that are particularly challenging in order to fulfill surveillance missions for our clients. We utilize two aerial platforms that are piloted by one of 4 instrument rated pilots and a trained observer that Strategos has in its cadre.

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