From A Single VIP To A 40,000 Person Event…

    We have the resources and expertise to keep you safe.

    At Strategos the individuals we use for protection details are law enforcement and military veterans with specialized training in protection work.  Our training, experience and expertise allows us to be able to customize a protection plan for you regardless of your needs.

    Ways We Can Help

    Executive, VIP And Celebrity Protection

    High-profile, high-net-worth individuals face unique risks, whether from a physical attack or an assault on their reputation. Strategos’ skilled professionals ensure that risks do not become reality. Our clients range from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

    We are veterans at protecting CEOs, media personalities, athletes, diplomats and other public figures. Our services range from discrete protection at a restaurant dinner to securing the environment at a crowded press conference.

    Strategos also ensures your security on the road, whether by motorcade or aircraft. If you take a private flight into Ronald Reagan Washington National (DCA) via any of the designated gateway airports, you are required to have an armed security officer (ASO) on board. ASOs are specially-trained law enforcement officers authorized and credentialed by the TSA. Strategos has a certified team ready to serve you.

    Plant Closings

    Plant closures are an unfortunate but unescapable part of the business cycle. Our team assesses risks, reducing and defusing tension during these challenging business events.

    Board and Shareholder Meeting Protection

    Investor-related events are drawing increasing public attention and therefore heightened risk. Strategos ensures the safety and security of these events at both corporate and off-site meeting locations.

    We’re skilled at:

    • Controlling access
    • Managing credentials
    • Executive protection
    • Crowd control
    • Emergency medical response
    Domestic Crisis Protection

    All too frequently, a domestic crisis can spill over into the workplace and harm not only family members but employees caught in the crossfire. We evaluate your facility’s vulnerability to intruders and train employees in response tactics.

    In addition, we provide protection for victims of domestic violence when traveling to and from court appearances and during child custody exchanges.

    High-Risk Termination

    If you have terminated someone and are in need of protection services please contact us immediately.  Using the red button at the top of this page.

    If you are planning a termination that you consider high-risk, we can conduct a consultation prior to the termination to inform you of best practices as well as to communicate with security personnel and/or law enforcement.

    We provide assistance during the termination and after the event, including protection services for managers, staff or family members concerned about retaliation.

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