Nearly 2 Million American Workers Report Being Victims Of Workplace Violence Each Year

    From Deescalating A Verbal Confrontation To Responding To An Active Shooter,
    We Have Training That Is Proven To Help Keep Your Team Safe

    According to OSHA, “In most workplaces where risk factors can be identified, the risk of assault can be prevented or minimized if employers take appropriate precautions.”

    We are leaders in training employees, HR and risk management supervisors, security teams and contractors in the best security practices. And, because every business is unique, we actively consult to find the best training, planning or service that’s best for you.

    We are proud to be able to offer both in-person and virtual training.


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    The Onsite Courses We Offer

    Workplace Violence and Intruder Response
    Participants will learn to identify potential threats in the workplace and to respond to violent intruders. Learn More


    Conflict Management and De-Escalation
    Learn valuable skills to deescalate situations verbally and prevent them from becoming violent situations. Learn More
    Executive Protection Driver Training
    Executive protection drivers must ensure that the principal, family, staff and guests are safe.  This 3 day training gives you the skills and knowledge you need to be prepared for an an attack and how to escape.  Learn More
    Protecting At-Risk Personnel
    This course provides the knowledge to assess risk potential and build a plan to provide the appropriate level of security.
    Learn More


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    Lisa Everhart

    Sedalia Public Schools

    “I was very nervous about how the topic would be presented and I did not want to participate in the simulated intruder scenarios. However, today I am really glad I did. I left feeling empowered and grateful for what I learned. It was one of the best professional development training that I have ever attended.”

    Chris Denham

    Mexico Public Schools

    “The training represented a good balance of direct instruction, Q&A and hands-on training. It provided a realistic glimpse of the timing and appropriate response needed during these types of situations

    Jennifer Warren

    Macon Public Schools

    This course completely changed my thinking about an active shooter. Before I probably would have hidden with the kids in the bathroom, now I know to barricade and fight back.

    Greg Gammons

    Calhoun County Sheriffs Office

    “This training will greatly help me with instructing teachers what else they can do besides just lock their doors.”



    Chris Hug

    Police Officer

    “Top notch – excellent! On a scale of 1 – 10, it is a 32!”

    Greg Gammons

    Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

    “This training will greatly help me with instructing teachers what else they can do besides just lock their doors.”

    A list of references is available by request.