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We offer custom consulting and training solutions.

Organizations across the country depend on our consulting, intruder response / workplace violence training and protection services to ensure the safety of their personnel and property.  Choose from the options people to see how we can serve you. 

Ways We Can Help

Personal, Facility & Event Protection

Whether you are looking for executive protection, event security for 40,000 or protection services due to a high-risk termination, we have the resources and experience to keep you safe.

Onsite & Virtual Training

Strategos is known for providing the best workplace violence and intruder response training.  With both on-site and virtual training solutions available and are able to acomodate any size company.

Security Planning & Consulting

We can help you understand your vulnerabilities from a safety and security standpoint.  We examine your facility, corporate culture, security personnel and the current procedures you have in place.

Investigation & Surveillance Services

We are a full-service private investigation firm.  We team is comprised of veteran law enforcement and military professionals who are specially trained in the art of investigations and surveillance.

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Lisa Everhart

Sedalia Public Schools

“I was very nervous about how the topic would be presented and I did not want to participate in the simulated intruder scenarios. However, today I am really glad I did. I left feeling empowered and grateful for what I learned. It was one of the best professional development training that I have ever attended.”

Chris Denham

Mexico Public Schools

The training represented a good balance of direct instruction, Q&A and hands-on training. It provided a realistic glimpse of the timing and appropriate response needed during these types of situations

Jennifer Warren

Macon Public Schools

This course completely changed my thinking about an active shooter. Before I probably would have hidden with the kids in the bathroom, now I know to barricade and fight back.

Greg Gammons

Calhoun County Sheriffs Office

This training will greatly help me with instructing teachers what else they can do besides just lock their doors.



Chris Hug

Police Officer

“Top notch – excellent! On a scale of 1 – 10, it is a 32!”

Greg Gammons

Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

“This training will greatly help me with instructing teachers what else they can do besides just lock their doors.”

A list of references is available by request.