Workplace Violence Training

Behavior Risk Assessments


Who Should Attend – Human Resource Directors, Managers/Supervisors, C-Suite Personnel


Have you had an employee that co-workers or supervisors were concerned about their behavior related to potential violence or self-harm? Has progressive discipline related to decreased performance now reached the point of a separation or termination of an employee?

No single behavioral indicator (other than direct threats) is an accurate predictor of the potential for future violence. As bad as missing behavioral risk indicators is unfairly labeling someone a risk when they really are not.

This course will allow the participant to transition from a subjective opinion about predictive potential of future violence or self-harm to an objective assessment of a current or former employee. Many times, employees or supervisors will “assess” or voice their concerns based on a statement like “I have a bad feeling about how Jim is going to handle this corrective action or termination.” When asked if they can be more specific, they really cannot provide more objective information that will allow the organization to determine if this will be handled as a “high-risk termination” or not.

Topics Covered

  • Victim vs. Victimizer Worldview
  • Aggravating vs. Protective Behavioral Factors
  • Cluster and Singular Risk Factors
  • Risk Assessment Scoring
  • Subjective Opinion vs. Objective Assessments


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