Is Someone In Your Company Displaying Warning Signs Of Workplace Violence?

(Including but not limited to: verbal aggression, physical altercations, anger outbursts and destruction of property) 

Take This FREE Workplace Violence Behavior Risk Assessment and Find Out.

This assessment takes less than 5 minutes and your results are delivered instantly.

In just a few minutes you will know...

  • if your employee is showing warning signs that an act of workplace violence may occur.  In reviewing hundreds of past events, research has uncovered common indicators that can reveal when confrontation is likely to occur.
  • the level of threat you currently have using our behavior-based 65 point assessment scale.  Our scorecard is based on behavior pattern recognition strategies to help you understand the level of risk you and your employees face.
  • the appropriate action you should take based on your risk score.  You will be provided a set of options you can immediately use to improve the saftey and security of your workplace.   

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