Vaughn Baker

Vaughn Baker is president of Strategos International, a Kansas City, Mo., -based firm that provides security training, consulting and executive protection services. Baker has 20 years of experience in law enforcement including patrol, investigation, SWAT and special operations. He has trained thousands of school, health care, government, law enforcement and military personnel in security practices. Baker has also developed a specialized intruder response curriculum for schools and churches, including some of the nation’s leading training on behavior pattern recognition.

Passivity will never stop school shootings

School officials, law enforcement and the community cannot look the other way while killers plot destruction. Documenting the number of missteps that led to the Parkland school shooting requires reams of paper. The steps go back years and the failings are numerous. And it’s not just failings on site at the time of the attack

Vaughn Baker shares active shooter survival tips on KMBC News

The president of Strategos says response plans must be simple so they can succeed under extreme stress. From the report: “An expert in teaching people how to defend themselves in an active shooter situation says more can be done to deal with the attacks. “Vaughn Baker said the latest attacks reflect the most common types

Vaughn Baker: Using Data to Know Your Adversary

With two mass shootings in two days, the U.S. Secret Service’s report on active shooters is extremely relevant. In this interview, Strategos President Vaughn Baker discussed recent events, the Secret Service’s mass attacks report, and its implications for making workplaces, churches, and schools more secure. Wanting More Information On Intruder Response & Active Shooter Training?