School Security Training

90-min Parent & Community Role for Countering Active Shooter Threat in Schools

School safety and the possibility of an active threat or shooter in schools causes parents to have anxious thoughts about their child’s wellbeing – and for good reason. However, there has been tremendous progress for schools taking the initiative to prevent intruders from gaining entry into school buildings, in addition to their partnership with law enforcement regarding an understanding of each party’s response to a reported threat. This partnership between schools and law enforcement is enhanced with the involvement of the community, especially parents, grandparents, and guardians of students.

This 2-hour seminar is presented in a community forum approach and includes a question and answer section for parents, teachers and the public to provide their comments and concerns. We find this interaction helps bring peace of mind and inform parents/guardians of everything school districts are doing to ensure the safety of their students, what to expect from school/district leadership if an incident were to occur during the school day, and learn what their responsibility is from a prevention, response and recovery perspective for everything from a natural hazard to a man-made event.

Topics include:

  • Are schools safe?
  • The threat of intruders in our schools
  • Review of the U.S. Secret Service/ Department of Education Safe Schools InitiativeReport and lessons learned
  • How to help prevent incidents
  • How to report potential threats to law enforcement or school leadership personnel
  • Bullying prevention tips and what to do if your child is bullied
  • Your role if there is an incident at your child’s school
  • An overview of school safety and lockdown plans


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