School Security Training

60-90 min. Suicide Prevention, Awareness & Response Strategies (S.P.A.R.S.) for Parents

Course Objectives

  • To increase understanding of the tragic issue of youth suicide, the risk factors that can lead to suicide, and the prevention of suicidal ideation and behavior in youth
  • To increase knowledge of the warning signs, so that teen peers are better prepared to identify and get help for their peers who may be at risk
    Identify response roles and strategies based on whether you are a teacher or a counselor.

Description – DID YOU KNOW? . . .

  • 50% of Students receiving D’s and F’s report a feeling of sadness and hopelessness
  • 20% of these Students stated that they thought about the idea of attempting suicide
  • The most predictive factor for suicide across a life span is having made a previous attempt as the act of the attempt get added to their mental repertoire of coping strategies

This 60-90 min. seminar is designed to be educational to parent attendees so that they are more aware of behaviors that indicate their child may be at risk or that they may know someone who is at risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior. Lecture discusses statistics related to suicide attempts and how attempts can be looked at as opportunities to intervene and save lives. Additionally information related to suicidal ideation, bullying/cyberbullying, risk factors for teen suicide and warning signs for suicide will be discussed with opportunities for Q&A available by teachers and counselors. Additionally response strategies based on whether they are a teacher or counselor are discussed as well as establishing a mitigation plan for the at risk student.

Educational lecture and audio-visual are an important part of this seminar for parents.

“Worse kind of REGRETS . . . those things that you DIDN’T do that you wish you would have done!”


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