School Security Training

5-Day Texas Schools Guardian Course

COST – $1295 per person

Who is this for? – School selected and vetted certified staff, administrators and non-certified staff

Pre-Qualification Requirement – You must already have your Texas LTC license to be certified Texas Government Code 411.1901 “Protection of Children Act Guardian Program”.
The Strategos International 5-Day Texas School Guardian Course IS NOT only just another firearms course.

We have found that when you teach someone to just use a hammer, every problem becomes a nail. We focus first on how to respond to a threat, protecting the classroom without a gun and build from there. We are NOT trying to make school staff a law enforcement officer to go after the attacker but instead to “Guard” or defend space to better protect people exposed to a threat. We recognize that no one solution fits every school and can customize any course for a specific client based on their needs. Every community must ask and decide the following question: “what are we willing to do to protect our children?” and then work from that point forward.

This five-day course starts with the premier Strategos International intruder response model teaching our Active Shooter/Intruder Response Training (ASIRT) course for unarmed response. This four-hour course covers background and history, lockdown and lockdown failure plans and our acclaimed “3-Out” response model recognized in the “Final Report of the Federal Commission on School Safety: Presented to the President of the United States December 18, 2018.”

We will discuss proper weapon concealment, carry options, and selecting a high-quality holster, then conduct dry technical movement with a firearm, ready positions and moving in or through crowds with a firearm.

There will be extensive force-on-force drilling with projectile based training systems that teach decision making under stress, proper movement, maintaining weapons platform, controlling stress, and many more needed principles and skills for deadly force engagements. This will be video recorded and reviewed to assist students understand what they perceived was happening and what reality was to correct their behavior.

Two days of live fire training in a “crawl, walk, run philosophy” to take each student much farther in the time available. We focus on principles, tactics and techniques that will lead to success in an armed encounter. Participants learn not only how to survive but to PREVAIL in protecting their people/students from an armed threat. We believe that proper training achieves both “Capability that breeds Humility.” In other words, by achieving a higher level of skill you will be able to better maintain composure while under duress. Through managing fear the capable responder will operate more confidently, more quickly, and make better time compressed decisions in the stressful and chaotic environment of the actual emergency.

It will cover basic firearms handling, functioning and break down of the weapon, loading and unloading procedures, drawing and recovering to the holster, shooting on the move, reloading and emergency reloading techniques, immediate action drills for malfunctions and much more. The final day will be force-on-force scenarios as the “Guardian” staff member protecting the classroom.

Strategos International is a licensed through Texas Private Security Bureau to provide training and consulting via Texas License #CO6265601.

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