Law Enforcement & Military Training

5-Day SWAT Team Tactics

Cost – $997 per person


The importance of preparing for the type of dynamic, quickly changing, worse-case scenario that special operations officers frequently encounter cannot be overstated.

The importance of training in a highly realistic training environment in which the student has the opportunity to train in scenarios that present this type of challenge cannot be overemphasized.

It is because of this that the SWAT Team Tactics course includes extensive force-on-force drilling, live-fire drilling, tactical countermeasures, and several field training exercises with actors, pyro-technics, and projectile training weapons designed to simulate a real-life scenario and to increase the proficiency level of the participant.


Excellent handgun and shoulder-fired weapon skills.

This 5-day, 50+ hour course will cover the following:

  • Extensive pair and element size drilling – (Live Fire and “Force on Force”)
  • O.O.D.A. Cycle
  • Correct Use of Lighting Tools (handheld and weapon mounted)
  • “Prevailing vs. Survival” Mindset Issues
  • Building and room clearing techniques for pairs and elements size units
  • Exterior movement principles for pairs and element size units
  • Horizontal and vertical cornering techniques
  • Team leading and managing small elements in dynamic and stressful environments
  • Functioning under Duress
  • Displacement Principles
  • Searching Techniques • Level 1 Tactical Concepts • Arrest/Control Countermeasure Concepts (daylight and low light)
  • Using a handheld flashlight w/ a shoulder fired weapon
  • Shooting Platform – Stationary and Mobile
  • Cross Angling Principles

Equipment required:

  • Overalls, Flight Suit, BDU’s, or Sweats (no shorts)
  • Gloves, Elbow and Knee Pads, Groin Protection
  • Tactical Body Armor (concealable will suffice if tactical is not available)
  • Ballistic Helmet
  • Eye, Ear, and Neck Protection
  • Chest Protection for Women
  • Individual Raingear
  • Handheld Flashlight used on duty
  • Weaponlight for shoulder fired weapons
  • Duty Rig and Handgun w/ 750 rounds of ammunition
  • Sub-gun or Carbine w/ 750 rounds of ammunition
  • Personal Radios w/chargers (if they do not require a tower repeater)

Team Equipment List for Team Tactics Course:

  • One (1) Ballistic Shield
  • Six (6) Noise Flash Diversionary Devices (NFDD) for team exercises during the week
  • Team assigned sub-guns or carbines
  • Cleaning equipment for weapons


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