School Security Training

5-Day School Intruder Response Instructor Course – Train Unarmed School Staff

Cost – $997 per person

This 5-day course trains and certifies law enforcement and security professionals to train and consult with school personnel in countering the threat of active shooters and violent intruders. Graduates will be certified to teach the following Strategos courses for two years.

Courses for certification

  • 2 or 4-hour Intruder Response for School Personnel
  • 90 min. Parent and Community Role in Responding to the Threat of School Active Shooters

All trainers will receive the following tools:

  • Instructor Handbook with Lesson Plans, Bibliography and Source Documents
  • 4-Hour Intruder Response for School Personnel PowerPoint in electronic format
  • Support Videos for PowerPoint Presentations in electronic format
  • Student Handout for School Intruder Response courses in electronic format

Topics Covered

  • Behavior vs. Profiling – Why Profiling Doesn’t Work
  • School Active Shooter Incidents – Evolution of School Attackers, Law Enforcement and School Personnel Response
  • Mental Health Correlation to School Attacks
  • Violence in Movies and Video Games and the Correlation to the School Shooter
  • Review of 2002 Safe Schools Initiative Study
  • Operation Environment Analysis and Assessment
  • Observing and Eliciting Behavior
  • Body Language Indicators for Concealed Armed Individuals
  • Approaches, Interviews and Impressions of Student Voluntary Encounters
  • Access Control and Credential Management
  • Incorporation of a De-escalation Philosophy
  • Targeted Conversations
  • Lockdown and Lockdown Failure Protocols
  • What to expect from Law Enforcement’s Response to School Shooters
  • Medical Response to the School Attack
  • Suspicious Object Response (SOR)
  • Preparation and Communication – Educating Parents and The Community on to their Roles
  • Coping with the Crisis After Action – Physical Response and Emotional/ Psychological Response


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