School Security Training

5-Day School Active Shooter Intruder Response Training INSTRUCTORS COURSE

This 5-day Active Shooter Intruder Response Training (ASIRT) Course trains and certifies select law enforcement and security professionals, school staff representatives, Fire and EMS personnel from the community to train all school personnel in countering the threat of active shooters and violent intruders.

We have seen great success in communities that have incorporated instructors from all aspects of the community teaming together to present this information. Individuals who have satisfactorily completed the course will be certified to teach the 4-hour program described below.

Instructor Course for certification: 4-hour Active Shooter/Intruder Response Training for School Personnel

4-Hour Active Shooter/Intruder Response Course
This 4 hour course bridges the gap between responding officers and all school personnel including certified staff, administrators and classified staff during an active shooter or intruder situation. The training assists school personnel in their ability to prevent, report and protect themselves and students from an active shooter or intruder during the critical moments while law enforcement is responding. It also educates them on what to expect from officers once they are on

It includes:

  • An overview and historic examination of school shootings and lessons learned for schools and law enforcement.
  • An in-depth analysis of lock down procedures for threats inside and outside of the building.
  • What to do if the lock down fails.
  • The 3 Out NON-LINEAR Intruder Response Model: Lock OUT, Get OUT, Take OUT
  • How to secure various types of doors, including locking, layering and reinforcing the locking mechanism
  • Access control and visitor management
  • Reporting an active or unknown threat intruder
  • Understanding behavioral precursors to violent behavior
  • Recognition of risk indicators
  • Identifying and using secondary exit points
  • When to get out and why
  • How to fight back in case of a lock down failure, including using improvised weapons
  • Recognizing and understanding the phenomenon of Normalcy Bias and how to overcome it
  • Understanding sensory-based decision making and how it helps or impedes a proper response to a crisis

The four-hour class will be divided into classroom instruction, a walk-through of the school to demonstrate safety and security principles and practical, hands-on scenarios to put the lessons into action.

All ASIRT trainers will receive the following tools:

  • Instructor Handbook with Lesson Plans, Bibliography and Source Documents
  • 4-Hour Active Shooter and Intruder Response for School Personnel Power Point
  • Support Videos for Power Point Presentations
  • Student Handout for Active Shooter Intruder Response for School Personnel

Once certified as an ASIRT Instructor other certifications can be obtained that can positively impact your community:

  • Parents Conference: The Parent and Community Role in Responding to the Threat of School Active Shooters
  • Bus Drivers Awareness, Safety and Intruder Response
  • Workplace Violence and Intruder Response
  • Crisis Casualty Care for School Personnel

The ASIRT instructor certification is good for two years. Most students attend the re-certification course and add additional certifications referenced above. Please contact us for more information regarding the initial certification and continuing education for additional certification.

COST – $997 per person


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