Law Enforcement & Military Training

5-Day Law Enforcement Response to the Active Shooter Instructor Course

Cost – $997

This is a 45-hour instructor level course equipping law enforcement agencies in dealing with the increasing problem of active shooters in highly populated buildings such as schools, businesses and day-care centers.

A review of the most publicized and recent active shooter tragedies will be conducted. The importance of preparing for this type of dynamic, quickly changing, worse case scenario in a realistic training environment cannot be overemphasized. This course includes extensive force-on-force drilling, live-fire drilling, and several field-training exercises with actors, pyrotechnics, and projectile training weapons designed to simulate a real-world scenario.

This immersion increases the proficiency level of participants so they can more effectively deliver these proven concepts and protocols to their agencies and organizations. This course is highly recommended to any law enforcement professional with an instructor background or for any law enforcement officer that may be asked to respond to a call for help during one of these types of incidents.

This includes patrol officers, school resource officers, detectives and administrators.

All participants who successfully complete the 5-day Instructor Course receive the following:

  • Comprehensive instructor handbook (complete with lesson plan, articles, administrative documents, rosters, course evaluation forms and incident reports)
  • Successful completion and instructor certificate


Instructor background or training preferable

Course Content:

  • Active shooter multimedia lectures
  • Extensive solo, pair and small element drilling – (live fire and force on force)
  • Proper movements, effective use of cover and concealment
  • Prevailing vs. survival mindsets
  • O.O.D.A. Cycle
  • Building and room clearing techniques for pairs and small elements
  • Horizontal and vertical cornering techniques
  • History, demographics and profiles of past active shooter incidents
  • Protocols and techniques for responding to active shooter scenarios
  • Team leading and managing small elements in dynamic and stressful environments
  • Functioning effectively under duress
  • Administration of a force-on-force training program
  • Administrative requirements for program delivery Equipment required
  • Choice of BDUs/Sweats/Overalls/Flight Suit
  • Flashlight used on duty
  • Duty rig and handgun w/500 rounds of ammunition
  • Duty shotgun w/250 rounds of ammunition or carbine w/ 500 rounds of ammunition. Weaponlight is recommended.
  • Eye, ear, groin and neck protection, gloves
  • Chest protection for women
  • Knee pads
  • Hydration


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