Firearms & Tactical Training

4-hr Firearms Handling & Tactical Training Course

Cost – $147 per person

This course focuses on behavioral-based responses for armed protectors, including decision making in and around crowds during an active threat. Students will practice techniques using demo firearms and holsters (provided).

It’s critical for armed protectors to be trained to move through crowded environments while properly handling firearms. Preparation is required in order to make proper, time-compressed decisions in worst-case scenarios.

This course includes drills for a variety of firearm carry positions and movements. You will learn how to apply these principles in different environments and contexts. This training is conducted at a church and will conclude with several scenarios where students will have an opportunities to practice simulations of a real event.


  • Safety Rules for the Real World
  • Firearms Handling In and Around Crowds
  • Movement, Platforms and Firearm Handling Principles
  • Rules of the Gun Fight
  • Dry Practice
  • What to do Next
  • Situational Awareness
  • Environmental- and Situational-Based Context and Application
  • Scenario-Based Exercises

Who Should Attend?

  • Armed Church Security Personnel
  • CCW and CHL License Holders
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • New Weapons Carriers
  • Non-CCW/CHL Holders


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