School Security Training

4-hr Bus Driver Awareness, Safety and Intruder Response Training

Although schools are becoming more secure, buses are still often vulnerable targets. However, with driver education, buses can be safety zones for students.

School bus drivers being the only adult on a bus that can respond effectively already realize that they have a significant responsibility and may already be anxious about this topic. The key to reducing anxiety with our school transportation personnel is to educate them on the topics of awareness, safety and intruder response. Once they are educated they really do see that a bus can be secure because of its mobility and design if they are in an aware state of mind, know what to leverage their environment to their advantage and look for and know how to respond to threats that may present themselves outside of the bus or do not present themselves until they are already inside of the bus.

Topics include:

  • Why are school and mass transit buses a target?
  • Awareness when approaching bus stops
  • Identifying threat areas at bus stops
  • What makes buses difficult to board
  • Mobility of buses as a deterrent and mitigation response
  • Intruder Response – What if the intruder makes it on the bus?
  • Response differences to different types of threats


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