Firearms & Tactical Training

3-Day Pistol Firearms & Tactical Training Course

Tuition: $697


When was the last time you were able to get away for more than an hour or two to drill with your pistol? Here is an excellent opportunity to invest your time in realistic, life-saving training with a tool you always wear.

You will notice a considerable improvement in your skills no matter your level of experience. Instructors and trainers: This class is appropriate for you too. Participants should be in good physical condition. Days will run longer than 8 hours and our curriculum includes evening events.

Live-Fire Topics include:

  • Fundamentals Review
  • Diagnostics
  • Tactical Reloading
  • Stoppages
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Fighting Platforms
  • Support Side Shooting
  • One Hand Shooting
  • Conforming to Cover
  • Cornering and Room Entries
  • Mobile Threats
  • CQB and Ground-fighting
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Working in a Gas Mask
  • Low Light Flashlight Techniques
  • Extended Ranges
  • Partner Team Tactics


  • Duty or Tactical Gear
  • Body Armor
  • Gas Mask
  • Minimum of 4 magazines for pistot
  • Hearing protection
  • Cap with brim
  • Knee pads
  • Wraparound eye protection (clear lenses for night events)
  • Hydration source
  • Clothing for all weather conditions
  • Duffel that will allow you to bring all of your gear to the line with you

Our Training Philosophy:

Our training staff is composed of professional and experienced coaches and we are students ourselves.

We believe in treating everyone respectfully and as adult learners. Our coaches participate in the learning process and we use a building block approach to solidify skills before moving toward more advanced concepts.

We believe that “capability breeds humility.” In other words, by achieving a higher level of skill you will be able to better maintain composure while under duress. Through managing fear the capable operator will operate more confidently, more quickly, and make better decisions in the stressful environment of a true emergency.

We do not believe in “check the box” training or lowest common denominator training. Individual assistance is always available.

You should not enroll in our course if you are:

  • Not safe and conscientious with firearms
  • Not willing to be open-minded
  • Not willing receive new information and try new concepts
  • Not capable of keeping your ego in check

Prerequisites and physical requirements for training:

You must understand the basics of how your firearm operates. This includes being able to lock open and close the action as well as load and unload the firearm safely. You should be able to field strip your pistol according to your owner’s manual for maintenance and cleaning. Bring your owner’s manual with you.

You must be able to operate in a safe and controlled manner. Speed is not an issue. Muzzle discipline (where the gun is pointed) and awareness is paramount.

You must possess the physical strength and stamina to repetitively function and fire your weapon during training drills. You must be able to move forward, backward, and laterally under control while holding your firearm in front of you and pointed at the targets.

You must have personal self-discipline and be able to maintain mental, physical, and emotional control at all times and not become over-excited or lose your composure. You must be willing and able to accept coaching and instruction and follow commands.

You must have a keen awareness and consideration for other participants while handling firearms and conducting drills in close proximity of one another.


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