Workplace Violence

Who Needs Personal Protection?

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While most don’t need a permanent protective presence, temporary security may be necessary in response to a threat.

It’s a violent world out there. Do you need personal protection / executive protection?

Few individuals need round-the-clock protection, although there are certainly those who require it. These include high-net-worth individuals, controversial public figures, and celebrities. Far more common, however, is the need for temporary executive protection.

Has a threat been made to your CEO, workplace, or to an employee? Are you contemplating a high-risk termination? Strategos International can help you determine if temporary personal protection, or even a permanent security presence, is best for the safety and well being of you, your family, and your organization. 

Vaughn Baker

Vaughn Baker is president of Strategos International, a Kansas City, Mo., -based firm that provides security training, consulting and executive protection services. Baker has 20 years of experience in law enforcement including patrol, investigation, SWAT and special operations. He has trained thousands of school, health care, government, law enforcement and military personnel in security practices. Baker has also developed a specialized intruder response curriculum for schools and churches, including some of the nation’s leading training on behavior pattern recognition.

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