Law Enforcement & Military Training

2-Day Electronic Control Device Instructor Course

Tuition: $597

Those who complete this program will be certified by Strategos International to train line personnel in the safe and effective use of electronic control devices.

This course provides in-depth knowledge on:

  • The less lethal force philosophy
  • Managing officer created jeopardy
  • Less lethal force options in general Electronic control devices in particular, and considerations/criteria for selection in the optional environment
  • Legal issues related to resistance control in general, and the use of the ECD in particular
  • Contemporary police thinking as it relates to the ECD, rules of engagement, and critical issues in the area of force modeling/decision making
  • The ECD and risk assessment, analysis and mitigation
  • The assessment and analysis of ECD model policy and the role they play in agency policy development and modification
  • The ECD and force-on-force/scenario-based training for line personnel

This course is not manufacturer specific and is provides participants with an independent and objective analysis of electronic control devices, the positive and negative aspects of their use, the primary areas where ECD use/misuse has impacted public trust and the key issues that must be addressed to increase the probability of a safe and effective ECD program.

This course will certify the participant as an instructor for the handheld Taser variant electronic control devices (Taser X1, X2, X26).

This is not an instructor development course. Those participating must be recognized and approved by their agencies to provide training independent of this block of instruction.

On day 2 of this course, the student/instructor will participate and student instruct scenarios designed to increase existing capabilities and instructional skills on deployment of the Taser in custodial and high risk scenarios.

About the Course Developer:

Steve Ijames (Retired Major, Springfield, Mo., Police Dept.) has been a police officer for more than 30 years.

Ijames has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a master’s degree in Public Administration, is currently pursuing a doctorate in instructional leadership, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. During his law enforcement tenure he served assignments including patrol, investigations, undercover narcotics and SWAT. Ijames created the less lethal force instructor/trainer programs for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). He is the author of their model policies involving such technologies, and has offered related training on behalf of that organization, the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), and the U.S. Department of State in 33 foreign countries, including such places as Tanzania, Bosnia, Somalia, Haiti, El Salvador, Yemen, Pakistan, and East Timor. Ijames is recognized worldwide as an expert in less lethal devices. His expertise is frequently utilized as an expert witness in use of force cases involving less lethal and general use of force all over the world. Steve also provides police litigation consulting in a wide variety of use of force related areas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I safe in presuming that a Taser Master Instructor will teach this course and we will maintain our instructor status with Taser International?

No. Although the instructor is a master instructor, this course is specifically separated from Taser International, not because of any personal issue, but because the focus of this block is to be manufacturer neutral. Therefore, the instructor rating is appropriately not recognized by Taser.

What ECD tools will we be certified to teach and certify our personnel on?

This course is primarily geared toward real world ECD use. This includes force-on-force scenarios in addition to the most up to date resistance control/policy/liability management topics. It is focused on the most common device in use: The Taser X26.

Does this designation have an expiration like the Taser certification?

This course certifies the participant through Strategos International to train line personnel in the safe and effective use of (ECD) electronic control devices. The instructor certification is valid for two years.

This course is not designed to take the place of foundational manufacturer training. It is designed to take Strategos’ proven force-onforce training process to the ECW world.

Equipment Required:

  • Department Issued Taser (Taser X1, X2, X26)
  • Taser Cartridges (Taser X1, X2, X26) (5)
  • Eye Protection (Safety or Shooting Glasses/ Goggles) We will supply the following
  • (Taser X1, X2, X26) Inert Training Cartridges for Scenarios
  • Taser Suit for Training Scenarios


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