School Security Training

2-Day Behavior Pattern Recognition & Assessment

Strategos International has created doctrine and training for “Behavioral Pattern Recognition™ (BPR) for the School Violence”. Strategos has extensive experience in training over 275,000 school, faith-based,healthcare and workplace organizations related to real, practical and effective solutions in 3 phases of “active shooter & intruder response” crisis incidents . . . PREVENTION, RESPONSE and AFTER ACTION.

Strategos’ combined experience makes this course a must attend for SCHOOL personnel (administrators, teachers, staff) and LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel (SROs, Supervisors & Front Line Officers).

“Behavior Pattern Recognition & Assessment for School Violence” course primarily focuses on the PREVENTION phase of active shooter incidents. This course DOES NOT focus on trying to establish a “profile” but rather “behavioral patterns” that can be recognized in advance as well as socio-economic risk factors that contribute to “avenger” behavior” escalation and boundary probing behavior by the attacker. RECOGNIZING “behavioral pre-cursors” is just part of the equation to preventing these incidents. APPROACHING, INTERVIEWING (passive & targeted), DE-ESCALATION strategies for at risk students or persons that are exhibiting risk indicators is also a significant part of this course through education and practical exercises. A smaller portion of the course provides an overview of a few RESPONSE and AFTER ACTION strategies related to lockdown, lockdown failure and after action response.

The successful participant will have the ability to serve on a “School Behavioral Threat Assessment Team” to objectively determine whether a risk of violence is non-existent, low, medium or high. Additionally, they will be equipped with information and tools to develop a risk reduction mitigation plan.

Topics Covered:

  • Behavior vs. Profiling – Why Profiling DOES NOT Work
  • School Active Shooter Incidents – Evolution of School Attackers, Law Enforcement and School Personnel Response
  • Mental Health Correlation to School Attacks
  • Violence in Movies & Video Games Correlation to the School Shooter
  • Review of 2002 Safe Schools Initiative & 2008 S.S.I. Bystanders Study
  • Operation Environment Analysis & Assessment
  • Observing and Eliciting Behavior
  • Body Language Indicators for Concealed Armed Individuals
  • Approaches, Interviews and Impressions of Student Voluntary Encounters
  • Access Control & Credential Management
  • Incorporation of “De-escalation Philosophy” throughout BPR Methodology
  • Targeted Conversations
  • Lockdown & Lockdown Failure Protocols
  • What to expect from Law Enforcement Response to the School Shooters
  • Medical Response to the School Attack
  • Suspicious Object Response (SOR)
  • Preparation & Communication – Educating Parents & The Community as to their Role
  • Coping with the Crisis After Action – Physical Response & Emotional/Psychological Response


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