Law Enforcement & Military Training

1-Day Active Shooter & Intruder Response for Dispatchers and 911 Operators

Cost – $147 per person

Description: The mission of emergency dispatchers and 911 operators is to provide timely, professional, quality service to a diverse public through empathy, compassion and respect, ensuring that public safety is the highest priority.

For today’s dispatchers to fulfill this mission, they must be effectively trained to provide timely, clear and effective instruction to those calling under extreme duress.

This course provides dispatchers with effective instructions, strategies and principles that will allow them to provide timely instruction and direction to people involved in an active shooter, violent intruder, home invasion or burglary in progress. Dispatchers will listen to, analyze and learn from actual 911 calls from high profile armed intruder events.

All course participants will participate in walk-throughs and instructor demonstrations for lockdown and lockdown failure through a simple 3 Out strategy. Students will also practice what they have learned in scenario-based training.

All participants will then join or observe others in table top exercises where 911 call simulations for are in progress and will have the opportunity to educate and instruct callers on how to prevent access or quickly develop an “improvised safe area” in compressed time frames.

This training will empower dispatchers to lead callers away from panic and chaos and take productive action while first responders are on their way


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